Metro Call-A-Ride No-Show Policy


The mission of Metro Call-A-Ride is to provide curb-to-curb, or in some cases origin to destination, paratransit service in the City of St. Louis and in St. Louis County, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations for paratransit services.

Metro Call-A-Ride service is offered with advance reservations to the general public and to persons who have disabilities that prevent them from being able to use MetroBus and MetroLink. To encourage responsible trip scheduling and use, the ADA allows public transit systems to establish and enforce a Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy. The No-Show and Cancellation policies and procedures for Metro Call-A-Ride were developed in accordance with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidelines for ADA complementary paratransit service. Metro Call-A-Ride is important to the passengers we serve.

Customer No-Shows cost taxpayers thousands of dollars each year and create disruptions and delays that inconvenience other riders. The purpose of the No-Show policy and procedure is to monitor and address the negative impact of customer No-Shows on Metro Call-A-Ride’s ability to perform its mission.


A customer will receive a No-Show Infraction if the driver arrives within the pickup window and the customer fails to board the Metro Call-A-Ride van within five (5) minutes. The
pickup window is the 15 minute period before and after the scheduled pickup

A No-Show Infraction occurs when:

  • There has been no call by the customer to cancel the scheduled trip
  • The vehicle arrives at the scheduled location within the pickup window
  • Metro Call-A-Ride notifies or attempts to notify the customer that they have arrived.

Additionally, while cancellations are accepted anytime, cancellation of a scheduled trip made less than three hours before the trip will be considered a No-Show Infraction.

All Metro Call-A-Ride customers must be ready during the entire thirty (30) minute pickup window for a scheduled trip. The van will arrive during the pickup window and the driver can only wait for five (5) minutes before leaving for the next scheduled pickup. No-Show Infractions that are out of the customer’s control will not be counted as such.

To register comments, complaints or compliments about Metro Call-A-Ride, MetroBus, or MetroLink ADA service, call 314-982-1406


Metro Call-A-Ride customers will receive a warning letter for each occurence of a No-Show Infraction up to and including a third occurence. This is done so that the customer will have an opportunity to dispute the occurence or adjust their riding habits. Metro will allow as many as two (2) No-Show Infractions in a 30-day period without consequence. However, when a customer has three (3) or more No-Show Infractions within a 30-day period, the customer will receive a Final Warning Letter. This letter will list each incident by date and time and
will serve as the customer’s warning that their service may be in jeopardy. This letter will also allow the customer the opportunity to dispute the listed infractions, and provide proof of extenuating circumstances outside of his or her control. Customers are encouraged to contact
Metro Call-A-Ride’s Customer Service Coordinator at 314-982-1505.

Metro Call-A-Ride will review the riding history of any customer who has received a Final Warning Letter with three (3) or more confirmed No-Show Infractions in any given 30-day period.
If the customer’s infractions reach an excessive level, Metro Call-A-Ride will suspend their service for a period of one (1) week. Excessive is defined as three (3) times the system average for No-Show Infractions during a 30-day period after being reviewed. Written notification will be provided to the customer with the proposed suspension dates along with information about how the appeals process works. Customers who repeat this pattern of No-Show Infractions, as explained above, during a consecutive 30-day period will be subject to a two-week suspension. The customer has the option to appeal any suspension by following the appeal process described in this brochure.

Appeals Process

We continue to encourage you to call and discuss your No-Show Infractions and riding habits with our Customer Service Coordinator at 314-982-1505. This person may be able to help avoid being suspended from the service as outlined above.

The Metro Call-A-Ride appeal process is intended to give a paratransit rider who has been denied service the opportunity to have their case heard by an official other than the person making the initial decision.


  1. Riders who wish to appeal a decision will have 15 days from the receipt of their suspension letter to appeal the decision in writing to Metro.
  2. Appeals will be heard and decided within 30 days of receipt of the request. While the appeal is in process riders will still be able to receive transportation services until a final decision is rendered.
  3. Appeals will be heard by a panel composed of Metro’s Director of Workforce Diversity/EEO or designee, and two members of the Metro ADA Advisory Group
  4. Individuals who appeal have the right to speak in person on their own behalf and/or have others represent them (at the rider’s expense) at appeal proceedings.
  5. The determination resulting from the appeal will be in writing and will be final.

Requests for Appeals should be made in writing to:

Amy Parker, Acting Director of ADA Services Metro Transit

211 N. Broadway, Suite 700; St. Louis, Missouri 63102