The Metro Public Safety Department combines technology and personnel with a data-driven approach to ensure the Metro transit system remains a safe, secure and convenient transportation option for the entire community.

Metro Public Safety

See Something? Say Something.
Call 314-289-6873 or 911 or text 314-300-0188 (24/7) if you see a suspicious package or behavior. 

The Metro Public Safety Department uses multiple layers of security to ensure that all of our passengers and operators stay safe, every day.

Metro Public Safety Officers are sworn law enforcement officers and are responsible for patrolling the system and investigating, and responding to, incidents or suspicious activity on MetroLink and MetroBus. Metro contracts with local law enforcement from the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County and St. Clair County, and uniformed police officers patrol Metro property and provide additional security and visibility throughout the system. Undercover police officers are also used to monitor MetroLink and MetroBus service.

Metro also contracts with a private security company for security guards and fare inspectors to assist in securing Metro properties.

 Public Safety Logs

The Metro Public Safety Department coordinates with local, regional and national law enforcement agencies to ensure we are using the latest data and intelligence when developing our patrol schedules and security strategy.

MetroLink Security Assessment

Click here for information about the MetroLink Security Assessment and the steps Metro is taking to ensure everyone who relies on the Metro Transit system can enjoy safe, secure and comfortable service.

Noonlight App

Metro Transit is offering a new safety tool for you to use in the event of an emergency when commuting on the Metro system, while waiting for MetroLink and MetroBus, and while waiting or walking to the bus stop or MetroLink station.

The Noonlight app will notify law enforcement if you need emergency help when you’re on the Metro system. Metro has contracted with Noonlight, a mobile personal safety application available on iOS and Android devices, to help transit riders feel safer when they’re on the transit system.

Sign up for Noonlight by accessing this special link:

Learn More: Metro Transit Provides Safety App to Transit Riders

24/7 Monitoring and Support

All MetroLink platforms are monitored 24-hours a day, 7-days a week on video by dispatchers who can immediately call for Metro Public Safety and/or police assistance, if necessary. Cameras also monitor Park-Ride lots, stairwells, parking facilities and Metro trains, buses and vans.

You can also contact our Public Safety Department directly by text at 314-300-0188 or from Passenger Assist Telephones, located on MetroLink platforms and Metro parking areas. While riding inside the train, you can contact the MetroLink operator via an intercom located at the end of each MetroLink car.

During an Emergency

If there is an emergency, stay calm and listen for instructions from an operator or other Metro staff.

If you are on a train or bus, wait for instructions from your operator.  If you are on a platform, listen to station announcements.

If a vehicle stops unexpectedly, do not exit the vehicle unless instructed to by staff, and of evacuation becomes necessary, carefully follow their instructions.

For further tips, please read our Emergency Guidelines brochure

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