Metro transit helps area students navigate to and from class with ease. Students at participating colleges and universities are eligible for special passes that allow them unlimited use of the Metro transit system for a low rate.

Student Semester Pass

Full-time students with a valid Student ID who attend a college or university within the Metro service area are eligible to purchase a Metro Student Semester Pass for only $175.00. The Student Semester Pass provides full-time college students with unlimited rides on MetroBus and MetroLink.

Proof of full-time status (minimum 12 credit hours) is required; a current schedule must also be presented to receive a pass.

The MetroStore is located at 8th and Pine in downtown St. Louis Near the 8th and Pine MetroLink Station. For more information, please call the MetroStore at 314-982-1495. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Metro U-Pass

Some colleges/universities offer a customized Metro University Pass (U-Pass) where the school pays for all or part of the transit pass for students and faculty. The Metro U-Pass provides unlimited rides on MetroBus and MetroLink. See the list below for participating schools – for more information on these passes, including how to obtain one, please contact the school directly.

  •  Southwestern Illinois College
  •  St. Louis Community College
  •  University of Missouri – St. Louis
  •  Washington University
  •  Webster University
  •  Saint Louis University (available for students living on campus)

Metro continues to explore partnerships with other colleges and universities who are interested in providing enhanced mobility to students. Schools interested in participating can choose from one of two options, both of which offer the Metro U-Pass at a cost that is far less than the typical cost for a standard monthly pass:

Unlimited Access – Universal transit access for a fixed fee
With the Unlimited Access option, Metro’s semester-long U-Pass is provided to students at no cost if the participating school pays a fixed fee to Metro Transit for each enrolled student. This option allows unlimited use of MetroLink and MetroBus for any purpose during the effective dates of the pass. Pricing is a fixed rate that is determined based on size of enrollment and level of access to the Metro system. Schools with greater access to the Metro transit system pay a higher fixed rate than schools who enjoy less access, as students who have stronger access to the system will use MetroLink and MetroBus more often.

Some schools elect to provide U-Pass, but instead of a fixed fee per student, they choose to pay based on number of trips taken. Trips are recorded by pass usage on MetroBus and are estimated on MetroLink using automatic counters and sampling methodology.

For more information about Metro student fares and the U-Pass program, contact Denise Williams at 314-982-1461 or