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Free Wi-Fi is now available on all MetroBus, MetroLink and Metro Call-A-Ride vehicles.

Man and woman staring at a mobile phone while on the trainYou can conveniently connect to the internet to access email, study, watch videos or stream music, read the latest news or a book, listen to your favorite podcast, visit and post on social media sites and more, all from your personal mobile devices on nearly 400 clean-burning diesel and battery electric buses and 83 light rail vehicles.

To access the free Wi-Fi service while on our vehicles, open the Wi-Fi option on your mobile device so it can scan for available networks, then connect to “Metro Public Wi-Fi” and a login screen will appear. Once you agree to Metro’s Terms of Use policy, you will be connected to the network during your trip.

Metro Transit secured more than $1.3 million for the Wi-Fi project through two grants from the Federal Transit Administration, matching funds from St. Clair County ($63,464), and funds from Proposition M ($253,855).

The next phase of the project includes plans to install Wi-Fi service at nine Metro Transit centers as Wi-Fi connection hubs for customer convenience between trips.

Have questions about getting connected?
Text us for assistance at 314.207.9786

Metro Transit’s free Wi-Fi is a public network and is not encrypted. Metro Transit does not guarantee the privacy of your data and communication while using the service.

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