IMPORTANT NOTE: Scroll down below the fare chart for an important update on fares during the COVID-19 crisis.

Metro Fare Details

Metro Fare Type Mode Current Fare
Cash Base Fare Bus $2.00
Cash Base Fare Rail $2.50
Cash (Reduced Fare)* Bus $1.00
Cash (Reduced Fare)* Rail $1.25
2-Hour Pass/Transfer System $3.00
2-Hour Pass/Transfer (Reduced Fare)* System $1.50
2-Hour Pass (from Lambert Airport) System $4.00
(10) 2-Hour Passes System $30.00
One-Day Adventure Pass System $7.50
Weekly Pass System $27.00
Monthly Pass System $78.00
Monthly Pass (Reduced Fare)* System $39.00
Combo Pass System $98.00
University Semester Pass System $175.00
Metro Call-A-Ride/ADA** CAR $4.00

UPDATE: Fares During COVID-19

MetroBus – A valid fare or pass will be required to ride MetroBus effective Monday, June 1. To minimize potential exposure during COVID-19, paper transfers and two-hour passes are temporarily suspended. Instead, MetroBus riders must display a valid pass or pay a reduced rate for each MetroBus boarding$1.00 for full-fare customers$0.50 for reduced-fare customers

MetroLink – Valid fare is required for MetroLink. All passengers must have a valid ticket or pass while riding MetroLink.

Metro Call-A-Ride – Metro has temporarily waived cash fares on Metro Call-A-Ride.

For questions, contact Metro Transit Information at 314-207-9786 (text) or 314-231-2345 (phone).

Reduced Fares for Children

Children ages 5 to 12 can ride Metro for half-price, and children 4 years old and younger ride free. No special pass is required, however proof of age may be requested.

Reduced Fares for Seniors and Disabled

Reduced fares are available to seniors (age 65+), customers with disabilities and customers who possess a Medicare ID, who have a valid Reduced Fare ID or Permit from Metro Transit, St. Clair County Transit District or Madison County Transit. Click here to learn more about our reduced fare programs.

Two-Hour Transfers and Passes

Unlimited Travel on Metro for Two Hours for One Fair Price

If you need to make multiple trips on Metro or transfer between buses or buses and trains, a Two-Hour Pass or Transfer is a great option.

A Two-Hour Transfer can be purchased onboard MetroBus, and a Two-Hour Pass can be purchased at Metro Ticket Vending Machines (found at all MetroLink stations).  Regardless of where they’re purchased, both the pass and the transfer are valid for unlimited rides on both MetroBus and MetroLink for two hours, all for one fair price!

Gateway Card

Say goodbye to the hassle exact change and paper passes with the Gateway Card, Metro’s smart card fare collection system. Load transit passes and cash directly to your Gateway Card, and simply hold in on the validator or the farebox when you’re ready to ride. By registering your Gateway Card, you have the ability to protect your card’s balance if it is lost or stolen. Learn more about this secure and convenient way to travel throughout the St. Louis region at
Gateway Cards are available at MetroStore at 801 Pine Street.

Madison County Transit Fares

Madison County Transit (MCT) regional transfers are accepted as full fare without any additional charge on MetroLink and MetroBus. They are valid for two hours from the time they are punched, and are good for a single trip on MetroBus (operators will not issue an additional transfer).

Metro accepts valid MCT Senior Fixed Route Free Ride passes for MetroLink and MetroBus service.

The MCT ADA Free Ride pass is accepted on MetroLink and MetroBus in Illinois without additional payment. In Missouri, the MCT-issued ADA Free Ride ID provides reduced fares on MetroLink and MetroBus, and require additional payment.

Please note that all other MCT-issued passes and transfers, including MCT-issued local transfers, monthly passes, summer youth passes and circuit breaker (CB) passes are not accepted on any MetroBus or MetroLink service.

MCT accepts Metro Two-Hour Passes/Transfers for a single trip on an MCT bus without an additional charge. Two-Hour Passes/Transfers are not valid for multiple trips on MCT buses.

Please click here for more information on Madison County Transit Fares.

St. Clair County Transit Fares

Metro accepts valid St. Clair County Transit (SCCT) Senior Fixed Route Free Ride Passes for travel on MetroLink and MetroBus.

Metro also accepts SCCT ADA Paratransit Fixed Route Free Ride Passes for travel on MetroLink and MetroBus in both Illinois and Missouri.

Circuit Breaker Passes (CB Passes) are accepted on MetroBus and MetroLink in Illinois only, and are not accepted in Missouri at any time.

Please click here for more information on St. Clair County Transit Fares


If a ticket machine or validator malfunctions and you need a refund, call 314-982-1400 ext. 2589, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.