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On Monday, April 10, 2023, Metro Call-A-Ride will make a change to its service area map. This is the first change to Call-A-Ride’s service area since 2016.

Trips that are currently eligible for Metro Call-A-Ride service will no longer be eligible after April 10, 2023 if the start or end point of the trip is outside of the new service area boundaries.

This change is necessary to improve overall paratransit service for Call-A-Ride customers while following federal guidelines. This service area change will significantly reduce trips denials, reduce phone reservation wait times, improve customer service, and create a more reliable and convenient paratransit experience.

Metro Call-A-Ride Service Area Map – Effective April 10, 2023

Map showing updated Call-A-Ride Service Area, colored blue, along with areas no longer within Call-A-Ride Service Area, colored red. The new Call-A-Ride service area includes nearly 100 percent of locations within the I-270 loop, and extends into areas of North, Northwest, West and Southwest County. For assistance, please call 314.982.1505

  • The large area highlighted with a blue overlay represents the new service area for Metro Call-A-Ride, effective on April 10, 2023.
  • Portions surrounding the new service area that are highlighted with a red overlay indicate areas that will no longer be eligible for Metro Call-A-Ride service beginning on April 10, 2023.
  • Metro Call-A-Ride’s service area is defined as areas that are 3/4 of a mile around an existing MetroBus route or MetroLink station. Metro Call-A-Ride service is only available when the bus route or train is in service, so time of day is also a factor when determining trip eligibility.
  • If you need assistance determining if your Call-A-Ride trip will be eligible, please call 314-982-1505 to speak with a representative who will work with you to check the eligibility of your trips.

Presentation: Service Area Change Information Session

Click the image below to view the presentation for more details on Metro Call-A-Ride operations and the service area change.

Use Passcode: 1djQC.H0

Graphic of the first slide of a presentation on the Metro Call-A-Ride service area change on April 10, 2023











Submit a Public Comment

We want your feedback about the changes being made to Metro Call-A-Ride’s service area. Click the link below to access our comment form and share your thoughts about the service area change and the steps being taken to improve Call-A-Ride service.

Click Here for Public Comment Form

Note: Do not use the comment form if you have questions or need assistance. Please call 314-982-1505 to ensure you get a response.

Other Transportation Options

We know this service area change may negatively impact some Call-A-Ride customers and some of their eligible trips. As such, we are informing all customers as early as possible to provide adequate time to make adjustments if their trips may be affected. There are also other available options that may meet your transportation needs:

  • Via Metro STL – on-demand service with wheelchair-accessible vehicles that operates in areas of North, West, Southwest and South St. Louis Counties
  • MoRides – an organization that maintains a database of providers and can help match you to a ride that meets your needs
  • Ridefinders – – an organization that helps connect people with available carpools and vanpools
  • MO Healthnet (Medicaid) – provides non-emergency medical transportation to eligible participants going to eligible medical appointments

Why the Service Area Change?

Metro Call-A-Ride provides service comparable to our MetroBus and MetroLink services. ADA-eligible customers can schedule a trip that begins and ends within 3/4 of a mile of an existing MetroBus route or MetroLink station, when the bus or train is in service. As such, Metro Call-A-Ride’s service area should change every time there is a change to MetroBus or MetroLink service.

However, the last change to Metro Call-A-Ride’s service area was in 2016, even though there have been several changes to MetroBus and MetroLink service since then. MetroBus service had significant changes in 2019 with the redesign of the bus system, and several times from 2020 to 2023 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and workforce shortages.

While MetroBus service was being reduced in areas, changes were not made and Metro Call-A-Ride maintained its larger service area even though some trips were no longer required per federal guidelines. The goal was to shield customers from service reductions and provide paratransit service beyond federal requirements as long as Metro Call-A-Ride had the capacity to do so.

Unfortunately, Metro Call-A-Ride no longer has the capacity to provide service beyond federal requirements. Due to a historic workforce shortage, Metro Call-A-Ride only has 60% of available operator positions filled, as well as vacancies in customer service and dispatch. At the same time, the demand for Metro Call-A-Ride trips has increased substantially.

Over the past several months, this high demand coupled with the workforce shortage has resulted in too many Call-A-Ride trips being denied each month. Customers also experience excessively long wait times when attempting to schedule a trip. It is no longer possible to maintain the current service area and serve customers effectively.

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