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This year we are hosted a bracket challenge to narrow down your favorite MetroLink Stations and Transit Centers.

Voting in the final round ended on Tuesday, March 29. And the winner is…. Central West End!

Metro Madness Bracket Challenge - round four showing the 16 transit centers and MetroLink stations competing against each other and the full bracket filled out

You can learn more about each of these stations below.

The Euclid Avenue entrance to the Central West End MetroLink StationCentral West End Transit Center

The Central West End MetroLink Station is the busiest station across the entire 38-station light rail system, serving one of the region’s most unique neighborhoods and popular healthcare destinations. The station also offers some of the newest amenities available, including a new elevator, improved lighting, new platform canopy and entrance plaza, having recently completed a $7.5 million improvement project funded by BJC Healthcare and Washington University School of Medicine.

The Civic Center Transit Center soon after construction was completed.Civic Center Transit Center

The Civic Center Transit Center is the downtown hub for Metro Transit, with connections to MetroLink, more than a dozen MetroBus routes, and it’s adjacent to Amtrak and Greyhound service at the St. Louis Gateway Transportation Center. The transit center was completely reconstructed in July 2017, and offers an indoor, climate-controlled waiting area, public restrooms, bus shelters and can accommodate 60-foot articulated buses and electric buses.

Cortex MetroLink Station entrance showing the sign and the platform in the backgroundCortex Station

Opened in July 2018, the Cortex MetroLink Station is the newest addition to the MetroLink system and has a number of firsts: first MetroLink station to be built in more than a decade, first MetroLink station constructed using public and private funding, and first in-fill station (built between two existing stations). It serves the Cortex Innovation Community, one of the region’s fastest growing centers of innovation and technology.

MetroLink train departing from the East Riverfront Station with the Arch showing in the backgroundEast Riverfront Station

The East Riverfront MetroLink Station is perhaps the most scenic station on the MetroLink system, located on the beautiful Eads Bridge with great views of downtown St. Louis and the Gateway Arch. Located on the Illinois side of the river near the Casino Queen, it offers direct access to the pedestrian walkway on the top of the Eads Bridge and is a favorite station for Cardinals fans who, instead of paying stadium parking, will park at the station and ride the train direct to Busch Stadium.

Photo showing the new design at Emerson Park Transit Center. A blue MetroBus is sitting at a stop in the distance.

Emerson Park Transit Center

The Emerson Park Transit Center is one of the most popular transit destination in Illinois, serving MetroLink and both MetroBus and Madison County Transit bus routes. The station opened in May 2001 as one of eight new stations developed as part of the St. Clair County MetroLink Extension, and features more than 800 free parking spaces and 25 long-term parking spaces. It looks better than ever too, with a recent transformation that makes it colorful, inviting, interactive and vibrant.

White and red MetroLink train arriving at the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink StationForest Park-DeBaliviere Station

The Forest Park-DeBaliviere Transit Center is the linchpin of the MetroLink light rail system, connecting the Red Line and Blue Line MetroLink stations to the west to the system’s core and stations to the east in Illinois. It is one of the original MetroLink stations that opened in 1993, and was originally a double platform station instead of today’s center platform design. It sits at the north entrance to Forest Park, and will soon be neighbors to one of the region’s most exciting TOD projects.

Metro's Grand Avenue station on September 18, 2012.Grand Station

The Grand MetroLink Station is not only a popular light rail station, it also serves the region’s highest ridership MetroBus route, the #70 Grand. It is one of the original MetroLink stations that opened in 1993, the station opened in August 2012 after a complete redesign that includes transit plaza improvements, new weather shelters, seating, on-bridge improvements, an exciting new public art installation and a free 58-space Park-Ride lot – the closest to downtown St. Louis.

Signage on the platform that read "JJK Center" with the actual JJK Center off in the distance

JJK Center Station

The Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center MetroLink Station may not have the highest ridership or be the most popular MetroLink station on the system. But it makes up for that by being named after one of the all-time greatest athletes, East St. Louis’s own and three-time gold medal Olympic champion, Jackie Joyner-Kersee. It is immediately adjacent to the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Community Center, which is dedicated to empowering youth and helping them success in academics, athletics and leadership.

Platform of the MetroLink station at Lacledes LandingLaclede’s Landing Station

Located on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River, the Laclede’s Landing MetroLink Station competes with its sister station across the river, the East Riverfront Station, for the most scenic views. Located within the beautiful Eads Bridge, riders get wonderful view of the Gateway Arch and downtown St. Louis through the bridge’s arched openings, and they get direct access to the historic Laclede’s Landing district and to the Gateway Arch National Park.

3/4 shot of three electric Metrobuses parked at three charging station in the North Broadway Transit Center. A North Broadway lollipop Metro sign appears in the foreground. The overhead charging pantographs are folded up.North Broadway Transit Center

For most of its history, the North Broadway Transit Center served as a small, but important, transit hub located just north of downtown St. Louis. But in June 2021, it opened up a tremendous upgrade: electric bus chargers. Today, it supports Metro’s new electric bus fleet, allowing both 40-foot and 60-foot electric buses to charge while they are in service. The North Broadway Transit Center represents the future of transit in the St. Louis region.

Photo of the North County Transit Center at duskNorth County Transit Center

Opened in March 2016, the North County Transit Center is a key transit hub for North St. Louis County, one of the region’s fastest growing markets. It is one of the transit system’s premier facilities, with a large indoor, climate-controlled waiting area, public restrooms, 24/7 security, digital arrival time display boards, canopy-protected exterior bus bays and a free Park-Ride lot. And, it is one of the best looking transit centers in town.

North Hanley Transit Center bus stops and MetroLink platformNorth Hanley Transit Center

The North Hanley Transit Center is one of the region’s most popular transit destinations, serving MetroLink and more than ten MetroBus routes. It is one of the original 16 MetroLink stations that first opened in 1993, serving as the westernmost station for the new light rail system until expansion to St. Louis Lambert International Airport in 1994. While it may not be as flashy as other stations, it has been a solid, reliable workhorse for almost 30 years.

Wide view of the Shrewsbury Transit Center, showing the elevated MetroLink platform and bus baysShrewsbury-Lansdowne 1-44 Station

The Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 Transit Center has the distinction of being the western terminus for Blue Line MetroLink service – and having the longest official name of any transit center. Opened in August 2006 as part of the Cross County MetroLink Station, it serves MetroLink and nine MetroBus routes, has a large free Park-Ride lot with 25 long-term parking spaces, and is currently our southernmost MetroLink station.

MetroLink train stopped at the platform of the Stadium MetroLink station. Busch Stadium is showing in the background.Stadium Station

The Stadium MetroLink Station has a split personality. Sometimes, it is one of the system’s quieter stations, providing visitors and others with easy access to downtown St. Louis. But for seven months out of the year, it is bustling with energy and excitement as the destination for tens of thousands of baseball fans looking to enjoy all the action and fun of the St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village.

MetroLink train arriving at Union Station with the Aquarium and Wheel showing in the backgroundUnion Station

The Union Station MetroLink Station is in the midst of a renaissance. As Union Station, its namesake, has undergone a transformation, the Union Station MetroLink Station has become a popular transit destination for visitors and tourists, with access to the St. Louis Aquarium, the 200-foot tall St. Louis Wheel, the St. Louis Carousel, and number of other attractions and restaurants. And we expect it to become even more popular with the opening of the new St. Louis City SC Stadium.

University City-Big Bend Station

The 46-mile, 38-station MetroLink light rail system has several stations at street level, and some elevated – but there’s something special when it comes to underground train stations. And our favorite is the University City-Big Bend MetroLink Station. Opened in August 2006 as part of the Cross County MetroLink Extension, the UC-Big Bend Station has a sleek, modern look inside of the longest tunnel on the light rail system.