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July 7, 2021

Team Member Spotlight: Deputies Romero & Chris Davis

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Deputies Romero and Chris Davis standing in front of the Swansea MetroLink Station

Deputies Romero (left) and Chris (right) Davis

For Romero and Chris Davis, serving their community is in their DNA. The brothers are both deputies with the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department and are members of the department’s Metro Division that patrols the MetroLink system in Illinois.

Romero has been in law enforcement for about 24 years. He joined the Sheriff’s Department 10 years ago, and has been working on the Metro Transit system since he started. “I wanted to make a difference. I knew I wanted to work with people and help people.”

Chris gives his big brother credit for his path to law enforcement. He has been with the Sheriff’s Department for 25 years now, starting in Corrections and then becoming a deputy 20 years ago. Ten years ago, when the opportunity came up, he jumped at the chance to join the Metro Division.

They both love riding the MetroLink system and helping riders. Romero sees being on the transit system as an opportunity to engage with the community. “Working with Metro Patrol, I get to work and interact with people. Riding the train, I am able to talk to people and see what is going on with their lives. I enjoy finding out things we can do different to make their lives a lot easier and a lot safer.”

Chris thrives when he is able to be around people. “I just love the public. I like to have fun with them. It’s not about being serious or putting handcuffs on people all the time. It is about educating. It is giving back.” Chris doesn’t call himself a professional comedian, but he loves to laugh and have fun with riders. “I’m a jokester.”

The brothers want people to feel safe when riding and Romero knows that is an important topic for many riders.

“The number one question I get is, ‘Is it safe?’ And I say ‘Absolutely, the system is safe.’ As sheriff’s deputies on the line, it is our job to make sure the patrons stay safe. We are working every day. We want you to come out and enjoy riding the train.”

Chris also wants riders to know they are here to help.

When the two are working together, you can see the brotherly love.

“Any time you can work with your family, it’s a good thing. And since we are both in law enforcement, we understand each other and understand what we are doing out here,” Romero said.

“We really are in sync. We are on the same level,” added Chris.

Growing up with parents who were educators, finding a career to help people and give back was a natural step in their lives. Their other brother also served as a police officer in the area.

“That is how our family was made. Three boys, and all three were in law enforcement.”

When you are on MetroLink, be sure to say hi if you see Romero or Chris when they are patrolling the Metro Transit system. Check out our Q&A below to learn a little more about the Davis brothers. Click here for more information about our Public Safety strategy.

What energizes you about being on the system?
Romero: People. Every day is different. When you are helping people and you are out here doing some good, those are the things that stick with you. Working with people, helping the community, and just being able to give a little bit back makes a big difference.
Chris: Helping the community – I think that is what it is all about. Our family is all like that. We come from a good family structure. It is about helping people to help themselves.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?
Romero: I love to travel – any time I can get away and go somewhere I take it. I don’t have to go far. I can go 3-4 hours away and just enjoy wherever I am.
Chris: I am a local bug. I like to get in my car and drive and listen to my music. And I love getting out with family and doing fun things with them.

What was your first job?
Romero: McDonald’s and I loved it. I liked when they put me out in the lobby and I could interact with customers.
Chris: Belleville News-Democrat helping to get newspapers printed.

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