Plan. Track. Pay.

Metro Transit riders have a new way of buying fares and passes – straight from your phone!

The new mobile fare system is integrated with the Transit app, which passengers are already using to plan their Metro ride and get real-time bus locations. This added feature makes it easy for you to plan your trip, track your ride and pay your fare, all in one place.

Customers are able to purchase the ticket types listed below in the Transit app:

*These fares are reduced due to the temporary suspension of paper transfers

For access to mobile passes, download the Transit app and set up your free account. Open your app and tap the “Buy ticket” button next to the Metro Transit logo. You will then be guided through a step-by-step process to choose a fare type, enter payment information, and activate your pass.

Access the Transit user guide for more information on how to buy, use and store tickets: Mobile Ticketing with Transit | User Guide

All mobile passes will be visually validated by operators from a safe distance. There will be no service fees for purchasing fares through mobile, and you can keep passes in a wallet inside the app to use when you’re ready to ride.

MetroBus 12-Ride Bundle for $10

Now through Transit app, MetroBus riders can get two free one-ride tickets when you buy 10. Tickets are valid for 60 days from purchase.

Group Travel

For passengers riding as a group, you can purchase all of your passes on one device. Before you board, purchase the number of tickets you need for your group. You can then activate multiple tickets at one time in the mobile app. When having your passes visually validated, swipe through the tickets so the operator can clearly see each one.

Download Transit today!

Learn how to purchase fares in this tutorial:

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