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Updated October 2023


Big Bend & Skinker Tunnel Remediation

This project includes the rehabilitation of the Big Bend and Skinker MetroLink tunnels and stations, located on the Cross County alignment.  The objective of the project is to address water intrusion currently occurring in both locations.  Construction is expected to start in 2024 and estimated to be completed in two years.

Compton Bridge Replacement

Replace the bridge over the MetroLink Tracks (as well as the Terminal Railroad and Union Pacific tracks).  Construction is expected to start in 2024.   During construction, it is expected that most work will be able to be performed under restriction and during regular service hours. This is a City of St. Louis Project.

Contact Wire Replacement (In Progress)

The contact wire is the wire that connects with the pantograph on top of the MetroLink train car and supplies power to the train. As this wire ages and wears down from contact, it also loses its elasticity to the point of requiring replacement. This is an on-going project.

Curve Track Rehab—Broadway

Restraining rails serve to keep the trains from leaving the track while going around curves. Replacing the restraining rails on the curves at Broadway Avenue in East St. Louis will require weekend single-track operations. Work is targeted for Summer 2023.

Curve Track Rehab—Civic Center

Replaces the restraining rails in the curves at Civic Center.  Restraining rails serve to keep the trains from leaving the track. Work requires weekend single-track operations and targeted for Summer/Fall 2023, completing in conjunction with other construction projects requiring the same single-track operating limits.

DeBaliviere Signal House Platform (Complete, September 2023)

Due to the flash flooding in July 2022, the signal house was damaged beyond repair. To help prevent damage to Metro communications equipment in future floods, the new signal house building will be elevated and placed on a platform near street level and above threat from possible flooding.  The structure is at the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Station. Construction is expected to start in Spring 2023 and should take approximately three months to be completed.

Deck Replacement—Jackie Joiner Kersee MetroLink Station

Project removes and replaces the current concrete platform deck at the Jackie Joiner Kersee MetroLink station. Currently investigating using a prefabricated Fiber Reinforced Polymer to allow a faster install than conventional methods.   Current time estimates would be 4-6 weeks of single-track operations.  Design will be complete in spring 2023, with construction beginning in summer/fall 2023.

Des Peres Pedestrian Bridge

The Des Peres Pedestrian Bridge is located near the intersection of Des Peres Avenue and Forest Park Parkway and over the Blue Line MetroLink tracks. Blue Line MetroLink customers may face minor delays with the construction occurring above the tracks. Construction is expected to start Summer 2023.

Downtown Tunnel Repairs (In Progress)

Repairs to MetroLink tunnels and fire suppression equipment updates in downtown St. Louis are expected to begin in Spring 2023. Work will be done on weekday evenings and weekends under single track operations for 24 months.

East Riverfront MetroLink Station (Complete, May 2023)

The East Riverfront Station will be closed for at least four months (late January 2023 through May 2023) to accommodate the installation of new staircases to access both the Eastbound and Westbound platforms. A MetroLink Station Shuttle is providing customer transportation from the 5th and Missouri MetroLink Station to the East Riverfront MetroLink Station entrance during the temporary closure.

Emerson Park Transit Center (In Progress)

A new 16,000-square-foot Public Safety Center building is under construction at the Emerson Park MetroLink Station in East St. Louis. The structure will have customer amenities including customer restrooms. The Public Safety Center will house the St. Clair County CENCOM West 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch Center, office space for St. Clair County MetroLink Sheriff’s deputies, and a backup MetroLink Operations Control Center. Completion is scheduled for early 2024. This is a St. Clair County Transit District project.

Fairview Heights Transit Center

This project will improve ADA access to the Passengers Assist Telephone in the long-term area of the Fairview Heights Transit Center Park-Ride lot and address water ponding on the lot. Some sections of the Park-Ride will be temporarily unavailable to customers during construction. Work will be dependent on warmer weather with no precipitation.

Grand Diamond Removal

Project removes the Grand Diamond and replaces with straight track since the freight spur is no longer in operation.

Hamilton Bridge

The City of St. Louis will replace the Hamilton Bridge over the MetroLink tracks between Nina Place and DiGiverville Avenue in the Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood. Construction is expected to start Summer 2023. Most of the work is expected to during regular daytime MetroLink service. One 50-hour weekend shutdown of MetroLink trains through this section on the Red Line may be necessary for demolition of the existing bridge. This is a City of St. Louis project.

Hanley Bridge

This bridge project will include structural steel repairs and upgrades, with construction starting in 2024.  Potential impacts to operations will follow design is completed in 2023.

Laclede’s Landing MetroLink Station

Localized repairs to brick and stone masonry at the Laclede’s Landing MetroLink station will be completed concurrently with the Downtown Tunnel Repairs project to utilize the same track outages.

MidAmerica St. Louis Airport Extension (In Design)

MetroLink Red Line tracks will be extended from the Shiloh-Scott MetroLink Station to a new MetroLink station at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport in Mascoutah, Illinois. Project is currently in the design phase with construction is anticipated to start in late 2023. This is a St. Clair County Transit District project.

MO6 Substation Waterproofing and Feeder Wire Replacement

The feeder wire supplies the power to the contact wire for MetroLink trains. Deterioration has occurred over the years due to rainwater leaking into the conduits at the Missouri 6 substation. New feeder wire and conduits will be installed in concrete duct banks to make them safer and less prone to damage. The substation is the last of 10 substations to receive these improvements.

MoDOT Route D/Page Ave

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) will repair the Route D/Page Avenue Bridge over the MetroLink tracks.  The construction project is expected to start in Fall 2023. Most work is expected to be completed during regular MetroLink service hours. This is a MoDOT project.

MO6 Substation Waterproofing and Feeder Wire Replacement

This wire supplies the power to the contact wire for the trains. Deterioration has occurred over the years due to water infiltration into the conduits. Project installs new wire and conduits in concrete duct banks to make them safer and less prone to damage. This substation is the last of 10 substations planned within the scope of this project.

Parking Lot Construction—UMSL South, Rock Road and Wellston Stations

Project may require MetroLink speed restrictions during construction at the Wellston MetroLink station. Wellston parking lot work to be completed as part of a Z-gate project with completion in spring 2023.  Project includes fabrication of railing, relocation of TVM, validators and PAT on both platforms.  UMSL S, and Rock Road are completed, except a small touch-up work once temperatures are warmer.

Parkway MetroLink Crossover

MetroLink will install another crossover track at the existing single crossover Parkway Interlocking, which is located west of the Forest Park–DeBaliviere MetroLink Station near MetroLink Blue Line.  The additional crossover is necessary to achieve reliable levels of service during the future rehabilitation of Skinker Tunnel and University City-Big Bend Tunnel. Construction is expected to begin in Summer 2023.

Plymouth Grade Crossing Renewal

Work is anticipated to begin Spring 2023 and will be coordinated with nearby work on Skinker Bridge.

Public Address/Customer Information System (In Progress)

Project bid packages are under review for a new Public Address/Customer Information System (PA/CIS) at MetroLink platforms. Construction is slated to begin Spring/Summer 2023 and to be completed in 19 months. Work will be done during regular MetroLink services hours with possible daytime temporary delays for MetroLink customers.

Lambert Airport – Retaining Wall Project

This project involves rehabilitation of an existing retaining wall near Lambert Int’l Airport.  Design phase will begin in 2023, with construction in Q4, 2023.

Richmond Heights MetroLink Station

MetroLink will construct a new rail turnout near the Richmond Heights MetroLink Station to provide storage track for construction and maintenance vehicles and equipment. The new turnout is needed to facilitate the future rehabilitation of Skinker Tunnel and University City-Big Bend Tunnel. Construction is expected to begin Summer 2023.

Rock Road MetroLink Station

Short term repairs are needed on the Rock Road MetroLink platform until the platform can be replaced in 2024. The short-term repair engineering designs have been completed and are awaiting Federal Transit Administration environmental clearance. Approval is anticipated in Winter 2023. After approval, construction is expected to begin in Summer 2023. Single track operations may be needed to accommodate construction work.

Rock Road Platform Rehab

Project removes and replaces the concrete platform deck at Rock Road. Engineering team is investigating the use of prefabricated Fiber Reinforced Polymer which will allow a faster install than conventional methods.  Design work is anticipated to be completed spring 2024, with construction beginning in summer/fall of 2024 if track time is available. Project may require 4-6 weeks of single-track operations.

SCADA and PA/CIS Upgrades

The MetroLink Supervisory Control Automated and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Public Address/Customer Information System (PA/CIS) are integrated and operate as the AIM (Advanced Information Management) system. This system monitors and controls MetroLink train movements, traction power, track signals and light rail switches and communicates predictive arrival messaging to passengers. This project will provide customers with train arrival countdown audio and visual messaging. It will replace and upgrade monitoring and control systems for MetroLink for all 38 stations.

Secure Platform Plan Project (In Progress)

The Secure Platform Plan (SPP) project will transition the “Open Access” MetroLink system into a “Closed Access” system through the installation of fare gates that will allow access with paid fare to all 38 MetroLink platforms. Fencing will be installed and the Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) will be expanded and modernized to make the light rail system more secure for customers.

Skinker Bridge

Project requires lifting the bridge during a 50-hr. weekend track shutdown and is anticipated to be completed at the same time as the Plymouth Ave. grade crossing project.

Swansea Transit Center

Concrete repair work will be done later this year in the bus loop area as well as repairs made to the existing asphalt Park-Ride lot. Some buses may be temporarily moved and sections of the parking lot temporarily unavailable.

System Conduit

The System Conduit and Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) upgrades from the North Hanley to Delmar Loop MetroLink Station are a combination of several projects including the installation of micro-duct fiber optic infrastructure along the MetroLink tracks, the addition of CCTV cameras, emergency blue light telephones, and a new Communications Building at the Wellston MetroLink Station. Minor delays are possible for customers at the UMSL South, UMSL North, Wellston, Rock Road and Delmar Loop Stations.

UMSL South MetroLink Station

A Transit Oriented Development project at the UMSL South MetroLink Station may impact MetroLink operations and customers using that station. Customers may need to access the platform from a different area. More details on potential impacts on customers and MetroLink operations will be shared as they become available.

Union Station Tunnel

Advance work is underway in the Union Station Tunnel to prepare for structural steel repairs and shoring in the tunnel.  Work got underway in January 2023. The rehabilitation project will begin in early 2024.

VMS/CCTV Expansion

This project will deliver a replacement video management system and CCTV cameras across the entire 46-mile MetroLink system and will be installed as part of the PA/CIS project.

Wellston MetroLink Station

Red Line MetroLink customers may experience minor delays during construction at the Wellston MetroLink Station platform and Park-Ride lot. The parking lot work will be completed as part of a Z-gate project with completion in Spring 2023. Project also includes new railings, relocation of the Ticket Vending Machine, ticket validators and Passenger Assist Telephone on both the Eastbound and Westbound platforms.

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