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November 7, 2012

Work Set to Begin on Improvements to MetroBus Stops in City of St. Louis

Dianne Williams
Director of Communications

Metro Transit has announced that work will begin next week on improvements to 124 MetroBus stops in the City of St. Louis. The improvements will provide new or better access for MetroBus customers with disabilities. The work at each of these bus stops will include a number of customer amenities, depending on location. Those amenities may include new benches, signage with Braille plates, concrete pads for bus-deployed wheel chair ramps and accessible sidewalks and curb ramps, as needed.

Work on the first group of bus stops will begin on Monday, Nov. 12, 2012. The first group includes the following locations.

• Eastbound Loughborough Ave. at Loughborough Dr. (Route #8 Bates Morganford)
• Westbound Chippewa at Lawn (Route #11 Chippewa)
• Northbound Jefferson at Lafayette (Route #11 Chippewa)
• Westbound Chippewa at Hampton (Route #11 Chippewa)
• Northbound Southwest at McCausland (Route #16 City Limits)
• Southbound Weil at Weil (River DesPeres) (Route #17 Oakville)
• Westbound Oakland at Kingshighway (Route #59 Shaw)
• Westbound Oakland at SLUH (Route #59 Shaw)
• Northbound Alabama at Marceau (Route #73 Carondelet)
• Southbound Hampton at Wilson (Route #90 Hampton)
• Northbound Hampton at Wilson (Route #90 Hampton)
• Northbound Hampton at Chippewa (Route #90 Hampton)

MetroBus customers will continue to be served during the construction process. MetroBus operators will watch for customers waiting on either side of the bus stop.

Thirty-eight MetroBus stops located along the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Right of Way will also undergo improvements as part of this project. The cost of the entire project is $600,000 and work should be completed on the selected bus stops in the City of St. Louis and MoDOT Right of Way in late spring of 2013.

The bus stop improvements are funded by a U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration New Freedom Program grant. The purpose of the program is to help remove some of the barriers facing Americans with disabilities who want to integrate into the work force and fully participate in society.

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