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January 2, 2024

2024: Enhancing the Metro Transit Journey

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At Metro Transit, we’re all about enhancing your journey. With the new year here, we are excited to share our vision for 2024. We are investing heavily in the future of transit with enhanced safety and security measures, plans to roll out new MetroLink train cars in the coming years, and system upgrades that will keep our transit services running smoothly. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting projects in the coming months.

As of yesterday, January 1, Metro Transit is embarking on a bold new initiative. We are not selling any exterior advertising on our MetroBus, MetroLink, and Metro Call-A-Ride vehicles operating in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County, Missouri. This decision, which mirrors a successful policy implementation in St. Clair County, Illinois, will create a cleaner look as advertisements are removed this month and contribute to a more visually appealing transit experience for our customers and for all the communities we serve within our 550 square mile service area.

“This is about community. It is about access, economic equality and about providing a quality transit experience in the bi-state area,” said Taulby Roach, President and CEO of Bi-State Development. “It’s about being good partners in the municipalities and neighborhoods we serve.”

A Positive Change

We understand the significance of this change. Public transportation advertising has been a staple in many cities, including ours, where our buses, trains, and Call-A-Ride vans operate in the City of St. Louis and nearly 90 communities in St. Louis County 21 hours a day. We believe this change will enhance the overall image of our fleet and reduce visual distractions, creating a better experience for everyone.

More Improvements on The Way

Our commitment to improvement doesn’t stop here. We’re also working on updating the fare payment system, improving service delivery across all transit products, and researching best-in-class alternatives that provide improved exposure to new and existing advertisers through new sponsorship possibilities, but also support our customers and the region.

Advertising Inside Our Fleet Still Available

Despite the changes to exterior vehicle advertising, businesses and organizations can still take advantage of advertising opportunities inside our fleet vehicles, and at transit centers, and at bus shelters across the region through our ad sales contractor.

Join Us on Our Journey

At Metro Transit, we’re more than a transit service. We’re a key part of the community, committed to transporting you to your destinations safely and efficiently. This change may seem unconventional, but we believe it will lead to a more enjoyable, comfortable transit experience. So why wait? Hop on board and enjoy the ride with Metro Transit!

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