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Secure Platform Plan Project

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The Secure Platform Plan (SPP) is part of a multi-tiered strategy to grow ridership on the Metro Transit system by creating a more secure transit environment. This state-of-the-art security plan will also enhance the customer transit experience by creating centralized, highly secure customer entrances at all 38 MetroLink stations.


Secure Platform Plan enhancements will be carried out in six packages. Each package involves four to eight MetroLink stations.

Package #1

Package 1, slated for completion in Spring 2024, will implement enhancements at four stations in Illinois: Emerson Park, Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center, Washington Park, and College.

60% Design95% DesignCompleted
May ’23July ’23Spring ’24

Package #2

Package 2, slated for completion later in 2024, will see enhancements at seven stations in Missouri: Civic Center, Union Station, Grand, Cortex, Central West End, Forest Park-DeBaliviere, and Delmar.

60% Design95% DesignCompleted
Aug ’23Oct ’23Summer ’24

Additional stations will be targeted in future packages. All Secure Platform Plan station enhancements are expected to be completed by the end of 2025.


The total estimated cost is $52 million, with the funding breakdown as follows:

  • $17.25 million BSD capital & American Recovery Plan
  • $12 million Bond refinancing proceeds dedicated to security
  • $12 million Illinois allocation (federal stimulus)
  • $10.4 million Private sector funding
A pie chart showing the Secure Platform Plan funding breakdown from BSD Capital, Bond Refinancing, Illinois Allocation and the Private Sector.


In 2017, a System Barrier Study was completed by Jacobs Engineering. The study yielded a cost estimate for the design and implementation to retrofit barriers throughout the MetroLink system.

*BSD: Bi-State Development

January 2024

  • Metro Transit received the first shipments of the Orion Security Gates that will be installed at station platforms, consisting of both swing and rotary gates.
  • A construction solicitation was released in January for Package #2, with final bids expected by the end of March 2024.

December 2023

  • Construction on Package #1 began on December 6 with the start of construction work at the Jackie-Joyner Kersee Center and Washington Park MetroLink Stations. Initial work consists of clearing, pothole repairs and other preparation for infrastructure installation early next year.

October 2023

  • Surveying and design-oriented site visits proceed at all 39 MetroLink stations. Designs for Package #2 and #2 continue to progress with final designs for Package #2 and initial designs for Package #3 expected in 2024.

September 2023

  • Millstone Weber LLC was awarded the contract for the first Secure Platform Plan construction package. The $6.4 million package is for work at four MetroLink stations in St. Clair County, Illinois: Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center Station, College Station, Emerson Park Station and Washington Park Station.

August 2023

  • Invitation for Bid for Package 1 construction for the installation of gating and fencing was been posted publicly. Bids are due by September 5, 2023.
  • Gates were ordered for Package 1 stations. Installation planned for Spring 2024. Design work begins on Package 3.

July 2023

  • The design phase for Package 1 was completed. Design work for Package 2 is progressing.

May 2023

  • The Secure Platform Project team has made significant headway in the primary design phase of the first four stations, labeled Package #1; initiated procurement for the station gates; and begun the design phase for Package #2 stations.
  • The SPP Leadership Team held meetings with Next NGA West executives, Belleville Memorial Hospital officials, and the Washington Park Mayor and Board of Trustees.

March 2023

  • Bi-State Development (BSD) approved six station construction packages, comprising four to seven MetroLink stations. The first package of four stations, including Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center, College, Emerson Park, and Washington Park, is slated for construction bidding in August 2023. 
  • The Board of Commissioners selected Masabi as the electronic fare collection provider. The new system will integrate with the SPP and open gates at all MetroLink stations. 
  • HNTB presented various gating options for consideration with an analysis of each selection’s security level, accessibility, throughput, footprint, and pavement integration. BSD decided to proceed with HNTB’s primary recommendation, the free-wheel roto gate, along with a swing door for ADA and emergency access. 
  • The SPP Leadership Team engaged with multiple regional associations, including the Brentwood, University City, Maplewood, and Richmond Heights Mayor and City Council.

January 2023

  • Project lead Kevin Scott provided an update to the Bi-State Development Board of Commissioners. Scott announced a phased rollout of the Secure Platform Plan. Phase one will focus on four platforms in Illinois.
  • Progress continued on the initial design for all MetroLink stations. LiDAR surveying allows for the mapping of each site with minimal disruptions for Metro customers.
  • Project leaders met regularly with HNTB to discuss considerations for selecting fare gates at each station. Security, maintenance, fare evasion and accessibility are among the factors being considered.
  • Project leaders met regularly with HNTB to discuss considerations for selecting fare gates at each station. Security, maintenance, fare evasion and accessibility are among the factors being considered.

November 2022

  • The Real Time Camera Center (RTCC) was installed at Central Facility, providing access to 800 live cameras throughout the Metro Transit system. Through the Secure Platform Plan, 800 new cameras will be added to the transit system, with all 1,600 cameras accessible by the RTCC. Implementation of the RTCC is an essential part of the Secure Platform Plan.
  • The Secure Platform Project Leadership Team met with the HNTB design team to review preliminary design concepts for all 38 MetroLink platforms. Feedback from this meeting will inform future design considerations.

October 2022

  • The Secure Platform Plan was presented to team members across multiple departments at Bi-State Development.

August 2022

  • The Board of Commissioners authorized awarding of contract to HNTB for professional engineering services related to the design of the MetroLink Secure Platform Plan (SPP) project. Read the Press Release.
  • The design cost total was estimated to be $6,948,587.09, plus a five percent (5%) contingency.

May 2022

  • BSD provided a briefing to the Board of Commissioners for permission to proceed with a request for proposal for the secure platform project design services.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) issued in iSupplier.

April 2022

  • Kevin Scott was assigned as the project lead.
  • A designer review task force was established.
    • General Manager of Security, BSD
    • Assistant Executive Director of Engineering Systems, Metro Transit
    • Senior Director of Capital Projects, Metro Transit
    • Chief Safety Officer, BSD
    • Assistant Executive Director of Transit Assets, Metro Transit
    • General Manager of MetroLink, Metro Transit

March 2022

  • Regional vetting and corporate partnerships were established.
  • Funding sources were established.

February 2022

  • The independent cost estimate was established for the design and construction phases of the project.
    • Design Phase
    • Construction Phase

January 2022

  • WSP prepared a scope of work, project schedule and station sheet exhibits for the project.
  • Internal BSD stakeholders reviewed and vetted the scope of work for approval.

December 2021

  • The secure platform concept and emergency egress (exiting the platform) studies were received by BSD for internal review and approval.

October 2021

  • The emergency egress (exiting the platform) study was contracted to WSP through BSD’s General on Call (GEC) Design firm, Jacobs Engineering.
  • Total services yielded two task orders:
    • Task Order 1-Concept
    • Task Order 2-Egress

August 2021

  • The secure platform concept was contracted to WSP-USA Inc. through BSD’s General on Call (GEC) Design firm, Jacobs Engineering.
  • The concept also identified the need for an additional emergency egress (exiting the platform) study.

Community Engagement

Public engagement and education are important in a project like this one. Between April 2022 and February 2023, we met with more than 30 individuals and organizations about the Secure Platform Plan. In February 2023, we started making presentations to local governmental bodies in communities with MetroLink stations. Those presentations will continue through Fall 2023.

Two open house information events were held in person in May 2023 – one in the City of St. Louis and the other in St. Louis County. A virtual open house was also held in May 2023, which included an SPP presentation. In June 2023, an open house information event was held in St. Clair County, Illinois, along with a virtual open house event, which included an SPP presentation.

Talking Transit: Secure Platform Plan

Learn more about the Secure Platform Plan with this special edition of Talking Transit, hosted by Citizens for Modern Transit on October 18, 2022. This video features a panel discussion with Kathy Osborn, President & CEO of the Regional Business Council; Mark Grossenbacher, Practice Leader at HNTB; and Kevin Scott, General Manager of Security at Bi-State Development, as they talk about safety and security on the transit system, next steps in the Secure Platform Plan and the impact of these investments to the community and regional businesses.

Design Request for Proposal (RFP) Timeline

Procurement EventTimeline
Invitation for construction bids for Package 1 dueSeptember 5, 2023
Proposal due date from supplierJune 3, 2022
Design review task force including the Procurement Agent (PA) complete reviewsJune 14, 2022
Documentation, negotiation and contract awardJuly 14, 2022
Design Contract Awarded to HNTBAugust 11, 2022

Design Scope of Work

Reference Standards

  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 130 Egress (exiting the platform) Requirements
  • Metro Design Manual 2008 (System Wide Design Criteria)
  • Metro’s Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Manual 2020
  • ADA Accessibility Requirements

Scope Deliverables

  • Project Management Plan-Establishes Roles and Responsibilities
  • Project Schedule
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Existing Conditions Evaluation Report
  • Design Requirements Document
  • Conceptual Plans – 10%, 50%, 90%, 100% with Design Narratives and Visual Aids
  • Utility Coordination Requirements
  • Technical Specifications
  • Cost Estimate
  • Construction Bidding Support Services
  • Design Support During Construction


Each station will include:

  • Fare collection gates
  • New ticket/fare purchasing system with expanded mobile and payment solutions
  • Card readers and Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)
  • Passenger Assist Telephones
  • Facial recognition capabilities
  • Additional fencing
  • State-of-the-art security cameras monitored from a real-time camera center

More Information

The Secure Platform Plan (SPP) goes beyond the safety and security recommendations already implemented in the last few years and recognizes the call by area residents and elected officials for a more secure transit system. It signals that we are committed to rebuilding ridership and regaining the region’s confidence in this important regional asset.

SPP has received support and endorsement from each primary elected official in our three funding jurisdictions (St. Louis County and St. Louis City in Missouri, and St. Clair County in Illinois). SPP received approval from the Bi-State Development Board of Commissioners, as well as unprecedented financial support from the private sector.

This rare investment of private sector funding in our transit system emphasizes the importance of this project and reinforces how essential public transit is to the future success of our region.

  • Provide Fare Collection Gates at Each Station
    • Equipped with readers for cards, TVM tickets and mobile phone barcodes.
    • SCADA System Integration-gate unlock feature
  • Provide Ticket Vending Machines at Each Station
  • Provide Passenger Assist Telephones at the Entrance of the New Gates and Ticket Vending Machines
  • Provide Additional CCTV Cameras
    • One Camera Per Gate on the Outbound Side (Facial Recognition Capable)
    • One Camera Per Gate on the Inbound Side (Video Analytic Capable)
    • One Camera for Overall Gate Viewing
    • One Camera for Overall People Viewing
    • One Camera per Ticket Vending Machine and Validator
  • Provide Fare Gate Canopies for Each Array to Protect the Fare Devices
  • Provide Fencing
    • As Needed Station Area Fencing
    • As Needed Alignment Fencing

Leadership Team

Photograph of Taulby Roach.

Taulby Roach

President and CEO
Bi-State Development

Photograph of Charles Stewart.

Charles A. Stewart

Executive Director
Metro Transit

Photograph of Kevin Scott.

Kevin Scott

Project Leader
General Manager of Security
Bi-State Development

Our core SPP team consists of eight people responsible for successfully completing the project:

  • Project Leader
  • Executive Liaison
  • Executive Engineering Support
  • Safety & Regulatory Compliance
  • Lead BSD Engineer
  • Program Oversight/Analytics
  • Design Consultant
  • Engineering Project Manager

The SPP team oversees the efforts of five separate working groups:


  • Reviews RFPs and recommends the designer.


  • Integrates the Fare Collection System, TVMs and Gates with Metro’s SCADA system (Remote train monitoring and control system).


  • Provides input and direction for all project construction related activities.


  • Reviews the conceptual reports (10%-100%) and addresses SCADA integration activities.
  • Confirms all physical access control/Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) security camera system features.


  • Determines maximized fencing and camera placement and video analytic needs.
  • Recommends the fare gate type for maximum security.
  • Conducts the Preliminary Hazard Analysis/Threat Vulnerability Assessment (PHA/TVA).
  • Certifies the project for safety and security requirements

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