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February 14, 2023

Going Above and Beyond: Meet Operator Quinn

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Join us in celebrating MetroBus Operator Kimberly Quinn, whose sharp eye and quick actions potentially saved the lives of two of her passengers.

Operator Quinn was driving her bus, the southbound #73 Carondelet, on the morning of January 16. She stopped at the intersection of Michigan and Holly Hills Avenue to drop off two passengers. As the couple prepared to cross in front of the bus, Operator Quinn spotted a vehicle quickly approaching the intersection from behind. 

Noticing the driver’s speed and knowing that the bus blocked visibility of the stop sign, as well as the riders’ view of oncoming traffic, Operator Quinn quickly signaled to the couple. Just moments before stepping out from the bus, the passengers saw her signal and stopped as the approaching vehicle sped through the intersection and around the corner. 

“I am certain that if your driver had not looked in the mirror and alerted me, I would have ended up either dead or with a bunch of broken bones and internal injuries,” wrote one of the passengers. 

For recognition of her actions, General Manager of Safety Andrew Ghaissi and Superintendent of MetroBus Operations LaTanya Isaac presented Operator Quinn with a special commendation.

Operator Quinn has been a MetroBus Operator for 17 years. “I’m making a difference one ride at a time,” she said as she was being recognized. “I always enjoy it when customers are excited to see me and ride with me.”

She says incidents like this are becoming more common throughout the region because of distracted drivers. Staying alert and keeping her eyes moving are part of her training.

Her advice for other operators dealing with similar situations is to never be afraid to speak up and always keep an eye out for moving cars, especially on corners near stop signs. 

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5 thoughts on “Going Above and Beyond: Meet Operator Quinn”

  1. Herbert Simmons says:

    On behalf of the board of commissioners of Metro / Bistate thank you for your service.

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    Thank you, Ms. Quinn, for making safety a priority for everyone. Your action saved lives.

  3. Michelle says:

    It is nice to know bus operators are lookin out for their passengers.

  4. David Smith, Metro Retiree says:

    Great work Kimberly! And thank you Andrew and LaTonya for recognizing her dedication to providing excellent service to her passengers!

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