November 14, 2022

Southbound Elevator at Grand MetroLink Station Will Be Out of Service November 15-19

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Grand Metrolink PlatformThe southbound elevator at the Grand MetroLink Station will be out of service for maintenance beginning on Tuesday, November 15. This work is expected to be completed by Saturday, November 19. During this period, you will need to use the staircase on the west side of Grand Avenue to move between the Grand MetroLink Station on Scott Avenue and the MetroBus stop on the Grand Bridge that serves the southbound #70 Grand MetroBus route.

If you require an elevator to transfer between MetroLink and the bus stop on the Grand Bridge:

  • To transfer from southbound #70 Grand bus to MetroLink: Continue southbound on the #70 Grand to Chouteau Avenue. Exit the bus and cross the street to board a northbound #70 Grand. Exit at the Grand Bridge stop and use the working northbound elevator to reach MetroLink.
  • To transfer from MetroLink to southbound #70 Grand bus: Use the working northbound elevator to get to bridge level and board a northbound #70 Grand bus to Laclede Avenue. Exit the bus and cross the street to board a southbound #70 Grand and continue your trip.

If you have any questions or would like assistance navigating around the temporary elevator outage, please contact Metro ADA Services at 314.982.1525 or [email protected].

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