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Metro operates over 70 MetroBus routes in Missouri and Illinois designed to help you reach the places you want to go. MetroBus routes are as diverse as the communities we serve. Many routes are busy, cross-town routes like the #95 Kingshighway that serve major regional corridors. Other routes like the #27 North County Shuttle serve local communities and are designed to connect customers to major transfer points from which they can reach their final destination. Metro’s Express routes, like the #40X I-55 Express, are designed to accommodate weekday rush hour commuters who are destined for Downtown St. Louis or nearby attractions. For your convenience and travel experience, Metro relies on bus transfer centers to serve as hubs with several connecting routes. Most MetroBus routes also serve MetroLink stations, and Metro offers a range of passes to allow you to transfer between routes without paying an additional fare. Whatever your destination and trip purpose, there is likely a MetroBus route for you.

There are current Metrobus alerts. Visit our Rider Alerts page for more information.