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March 22, 2011

Installation of Between-Car Safety Barriers at MetroLink Stations

Dianne Williams
Director of Communications

Safe travel is one of Metro’s top priorities and the Agency is making MetroLink platforms safer for customers as they board the trains by installing safety bollards at all MetroLink stations. The bollards are bright yellow poles mounted on the concrete platforms that align with the space between MetroLink cars. They are designed to help prevent customers, especially visually impaired passengers, from stepping off the platform and falling onto the tracks between the cars during the boarding process.

Metro researched between-car barriers for several years, partnering with the transit system in Los Angeles two years ago to develop a platform-based technology. The system is designed to meet Federal Transit Administration requirements. The bollards are made from fire retardant materials and are flexible spring-loaded posts designed to absorb impact and return to an upright position. End of platform targets are also being installed to signal train operators where to stop, so the area between the cars aligns with the new safety bollards.

The between-car safety barriers were tested last fall in St. Louis. Using federal funding, permanent installations will be completed this spring at all 37 MetroLink stations.

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