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November 5, 2021

Metro Transit Service Change Scheduled for November 29

Changes will improve MetroBus service reliability

Metro Transit will make adjustments to schedules and service frequency for 37 Missouri MetroBus routes on Monday, November 29. This includes the temporary suspension of service on six MetroBus routes. There are no changes to MetroBus routes in Illinois or to MetroLink service on the 46-mile system.

Like other transit agencies and businesses, Metro Transit has been challenged by the nationwide labor shortage. Due to a shortage of bus operators, it is sometimes necessary to cancel scheduled MetroBus trips on a daily basis, which leads to inconvenient delays for MetroBus riders. These changes to MetroBus service will be implemented to improve service reliability and minimize or eliminate cancelled bus trips, while Metro Transit continues to aggressively recruit and train new operators.

Details for the November 29 Service Change are available below. New schedules and route maps for the affected MetroBus routes that serve the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County will be available on the Metro Transit website beginning on Monday, November 15. Transit riders who have questions or would like assistance are encouraged to contact Metro Transit Information at 314.207.9786 (text) or 314.231.2345 (phone), available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Details for November 29 Service Change

Temporarily Suspended MetroBus Routes

  • #46 Tesson Ferry
  • #65 Outer Forty
  • #57X Clayton Road
  • #58X Twin Oaks Express
  • #73X I-55 Express
  • #410X Eureka Express

Service on these routes will be temporarily suspended beginning on November 29. Via Metro STL will be available for riders of the #46 Tesson Ferry and riders who use the #65 Outer Forty west of I-270, and it may be an option for express route riders. Via Metro STL is an on-demand transit service that allows transit riders to hail a ride using the Via app when needed – no schedules or advance booking required. With Via Metro STL, riders can travel between any two locations in the service zone for $2, or with a valid Metro Transit pass, can transfer from MetroBus or MetroLink to Via Metro STL for free. Visit metrostlouis.org/via for more information.

MetroBus Service Ending at 8 p.m.

  • #60 Shepley-Lilac
  • #78 Bellefontaine
  • #79 Ferguson

Evening service in North St. Louis County will be available through Via Metro STL from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., seven days a week. Visit metrostlouis.org/via for more information.

Service Frequency Adjustments

  • #4 Natural Bridge
  • #10 Gravois-Lindell
  • #32 Dr. ML King
  • #35 Rock Road
  • #40 N. Broadway
  • #41 Lee
  • #49 Lindbergh
  • #57 Manchester
  • #60 Shepley-Lilac
  • #61 Chambers Rd.
  • #64 Lucas-Hunt
  • #73 Carondelet
  • #76 McDonnell-Waterford
  • #77 Village Square
  • #78 Bellefontaine
  • #91 Olive
  • #94 Page
  • #97 Delmar
  • #98 Ballas-North Hanley
  • #174X Halls Ferry Express

Service frequency on these routes will be temporarily reduced to improve schedule reliability. The November 29 Service Change also includes minor schedule and routing adjustments for other Missouri MetroBus routes. New schedules and route maps for all MetroBus routes will be available at MetroStLouis.org and the Transit app on November 15.

Metro Transit operates the St. Louis region’s public transportation system that includes 400 clean-burning diesel buses and 18 battery electric buses that serve 65 MetroBus routes in eastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois. Metro also operates MetroLink light rail vehicles on 46 miles of track serving 38 stations in the two-state area, and operates Metro Call-A-Ride, a paratransit fleet of 125 vans. Metro Transit is a Bi-State Development enterprise

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