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December 13, 2019

A New Look for Metro Transit Vehicles

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New Train Design

Your train or bus may look a little different as you travel to work or school in the new year, as Metro Transit vehicles featuring a new paint scheme start to roll into service this month.

The new look for MetroLink, MetroBus and Metro Call-A-Ride is part of an overall update to the transit system, which not only gives the trains, buses and vans a refresh, but also will provide you with more attractive, more effective and easier to use resources.

This includes a new look for our printed schedules, which first became available back in September. In addition to new colors and fonts, the new schedules feature an easy-to-read map that better reflects the actual street design in the St. Louis region. Next year, we will begin to install new bus stop signs that will be more informative and more visible for both you and our drivers.

You will continue to see the red-white-and-blue trains and buses for a long time. There are currently three MetroLink trains featuring the new look, as well as 26 new MetroBus vehicles. These new 30-foot Gillig buses have improved emissions and a much smaller turning radius than other buses in the fleet, making them more flexible in the types of service they can provide and in the locations where they can better operate.

The new paint scheme will only be applied to new vehicles being added to the Metro fleet as they replace older trains, buses and vans that are being retired out of service. All of these updates are part of the normal maintenance and replacement cycle for transit vehicles, signs and materials, and no additional funds are being used or needed to make these changes.


16 thoughts on “A New Look for Metro Transit Vehicles”

  1. Caleb says:

    Will the SCCTD IL buses have the new design. And when will the new 7300’s be put in service? And any clue if IL will get any new buses this year?

    1. Jerry says:

      Yes, new SCCTD buses featuring the new look should go into service in January.

  2. Randy Vines says:

    What happened to the STL logo that was part of the original new concept?

    1. Jerry says:

      We were exploring the idea of a change, but the majority of feedback we received from riders, employees and others is that they preferred the look of the classic M logo.

  3. Joe Mullaney says:

    Flashahead Friday replacing Flashback Friday?

  4. Patrick Douglas Richmond says:

    I love it! This new paint scheme takes me back to the days of when I was about 6 or 7. I hope there is a seat over the front tire on that 7300 I see pictured!

  5. Jordan S. WIlson says:

    Impressive. I hope to see these new buses in service in the near future. My hope is that service can be restored in areas where it was cut off.


    I thought the previous scheme with the STL along the bottom of the cars was better. This scheme does not tell you it is SAINT LOUIS, which the other one did. Other city’s transit agencies are called Metro to the great confusion of the traveling public

  7. David Ellis says:

    That makes sense when routes are color coded for Local, Express, Community and Frequent…I haven’t seen these schedules like the photo shown above just yet….Very nice looking. Very impressed with the design.

  8. Marco says:

    Any plans for bus stops to be installed along the 56 on Berry Rd and also on the 58 between the Premium Mall and Spirit of St Louis Airport Road?

    1. Jerry says:

      Not at this time – but we’re always accepting feedback on ways we can improve service. We will share your request with our Planning team. They can also be reached directly at [email protected].

  9. Kyle says:

    Will the new 7300’s have seat cushions on them? I’m sick of sitting on sitting on those 7000 model busses with no cushions.

    1. Jerry says:

      We’re waiting to hear back from our Vehicle Maintenance team to learn more about the seats.

  10. Dion says:

    These new buses are smaller and force nearly everyone to sit side by side rather then foward. I feel like a ping pong ball bouncing in between 2 strangers. Plus nearly everyone has a bag or multiple bags. Plus, given how nearly everyone is overweight these days, it is even more uncomfortable. Not to mention anyone with special needs now displaces about 1/4 of the passengers which I’m more than happy to do. Awful design and certainly doesn’t have the riders in mind. Plus, it maybe winter, but if its nearly 60° outside, does the heat have to be blasting?

    1. Jerry says:

      Our Planning team is currently evaluating service and overcrowding on some bus routes. I’ll make sure they see your comments as they consider next steps. Thanks for the feedback.

  11. David Ellis says:

    New Metrobus schedules & new bus stops looks good overall!

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