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Welcome to NextStop, the Metro-sponsored blog that focuses on regional and national transportation-related issues. Our mission is to discuss and provide information about Metro and about the vital role that transportation plays in our community, impacting everything from mobility to economic development, real estate development and redevelopment, job creation, social justice, tourism, quality of life, and sustainability. The NextStop bloggers are passionate about transportation, and we hope this site will become the focal point for a community of transit users, supporters, and critical thinkers.

Have you ever wondered what a bus wash looks like, or how bus routes are designed? Have you noticed sidewalk and curb improvements near bus stops, and wondered who is responsible? Have you heard about new light rail systems in other communities, and wondered how we might incorporate some of their good ideas? Are you interested in regional planning, urban design, or bike paths? NextStop is the place for you.

We want to hear from you. Our comments section is the place to share your ideas about how to improve our current system, your questions about how things function, and your input into our projects and upgrades, how we do business, and future plans. We have set some simple ground rules to keep the communication flowing in a civil and productive way, so please take a look at our Comments Policy to review our conversation guidelines.

While all of our bloggers are Metro employees, the opinions we express on this blog are solely our opinions, and do not necessarily reflect the agency’s official positions.

We strive for factual accuracy in our posts, comments, and the emails we send from the blog. Sometimes that means taking a little time to investigate before we respond to questions or comments. When we do so, we will try to let you know that your question is being investigated or has been forwarded to the appropriate personnel to get the best possible answer.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to future conversations!If you have any feedback on the blog contact the NextStop bloggers or comment on the appropriate posts.If you need general information about Metro, or if you are looking for schedules, fares, or other important system-related information, please visit Metro’s website or contact Customer Service. Please direct press inquiries to Metro’s Director of Communications by calling (314) 982-1440.

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