September 13, 2017

Bicycle Decals Installed on MetroLink Station Platforms

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If you’re a MetroLink rider, you may have noticed some new signage on the platform.

Metro has completed the installation of special bicycle decals on the platforms of all 37 MetroLink stations in Missouri and Illinois. These decals line up with the Bicycle Parking Zones on the train, which makes it easier for cyclists to know where they can bring their bicycles on MetroLink. The decals should help speed up the boarding process and create a safer trip for all passengers.

We tested platform decals until we found ones that were durable enough to hold up well in all types of weather conditions, are easy to see and understand, and easy to replace if needed.

Bicycle Parking Zones are located on MetroLink in the doorways at the rear of the first train car, as well as in the front and rear doorways of the second train car. Two bicycles are allowed in each Bicycle Parking Zone. Bicycles cannot be parked in the first doorway area of the front car to ensure MetroLink operators are able to enter and exit the driver compartment.

If you want to bring your bicycle on MetroLink, use the new decals to find a Bicycle Parking Zone. Let other passengers board first before rolling your bike on the train. During your trip, you need to stay with your bicycle. You cannot leave it unattended or parked on the kickstand because it could fall over and land on you or another passenger.

We hope the decals make it easier for you to bring your bike on board MetroLink…and easier to shift your multi-modal commute into full gear.

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