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October 19, 2021

Checking the Status of Your MetroBus in Transit

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Three screenshots from Transit app showing, from left to right, what it looks like when your scheduled bus is in service, when your scheduled bus is not running and has been cancelled, or when your scheduled bus is not running but has not been cancelled in the app yet.

The Transit app is a great resource for planning your trip, purchasing fares and seeing the real-time arrival times for your bus. But, it can also tell you if your bus trip has been cancelled.

Due to a nationwide labor shortage, MetroBus service continues to experience delays and cancelled trips. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to address this challenge.

Is my bus cancelled?

Cancelled MetroBus trips will show up in the Transit app with a line through them (screenshot 2). If you see your scheduled trip on the app with a line through it, then this trip has been cancelled and the bus will not arrive at that time.

What this means for you: If you open Transit while you are at your bus stop, it will show you the real-time location of the next bus heading your way. If the next scheduled bus trip has been cancelled, that time will be crossed off.

Can my bus be cancelled, but not crossed off in Transit?

Yes. Sometimes, it is necessary to cancel a bus trip with little advance notice. Our team works hard to update Transit app as quickly as possible, but it is not always possible to have a trip crossed off in time. However, an easy way to check on your bus status in these situation is with the real-time tracking feature in Transit (screenshot 3). In this image, the next bus is supposed to arrive in 3 minutes, but the time is shown in gray and there are no real-time tracking bars – which indicates that the trip has been cancelled.

An important note: Be sure to check Transit close to your departure time to check the status of your bus. Updated information on cancelled trips is only available on Transit within 90 minutes of the scheduled departure time of your bus. 

Download Transit today from the App Store or Google Play.

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9 thoughts on “Checking the Status of Your MetroBus in Transit”

  1. Wan Blair says:

    Please have bus 58X (Twin Oak Express) continued the service. We really depend on this bus route to commute to work, especially during the winter. Thank you.

  2. Michael Ryan says:

    Transit app is not working. Are there plans to fix it? Maybe someone wants to link to the information from this page?? You know, “customer service”??

    1. Lindsey says:

      Hi Michael – Can you let us know what issues you are having with the app so that we can have our team look into it? We are not seeing any issues on the app this morning.

  3. Shannon Villa says:

    Metro is not updating this to accuratelu reflect true missed trips.

  4. Arthur says:

    I bought a 2 hour pass on Metrolink/bus. I have the receipt. But when I go to Transit app, the Metro logo and “activate” button never appear. How do I ride like that? Do I just get on the train anyway and keep waiting? That’s my only option. I paid the fare: Metro, or their partner in crime Transit, has my money!

  5. Arthur says:

    I bought a 2 hour pass on Metrolink/bus, and I have the receipt. But when I go to the “Transit” website all I see is bus routes: no Metro logo with the “activate” button. If you do not fix this before I ride or before I pay in the monthly credit card cycle, I will stop the credit card payment for this fare. That’s what I do when there’s credit card theft.

  6. Bus #1 heading to main st/state st into the 5th and Missouri station, the app says the last bus is roughly around 1248am weekdays. Upon arrival to the stop I was waiting at 74th and w main Belleville,I asked the driver what the last bus time was before boarding the bus today (Friday) after I just purchased a ticket via the transit app, and the late night driver whom I have been treated terribly by every time I ride her route which is daily usually for work, proceeded to tell me that “this is the last bus” so I did not get on in fear of not getting the bus before 1248am. She should be spoken to about customer support.

    1. Jerry says:

      Our apologies for the experience you had with our service – this will be shared with MetroBus Operations for investigation.

  7. Taylor Wilson says:

    In fear of not getting to the bus to get home before 1248am*

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