May 19, 2017

Flashback Friday

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Today we look down on a busy street. Can you find the bus and name the location? Extra credit if you can name the business that was once housed in the building on the right.

THE ANSWERS ARE IN! We don’t know exactly when this photo was taken, but this if Forsyth Boulevard and Famous Barr was in that building on the right. The Pevely Dairy and Fountain are across the street.


8 thoughts on “Flashback Friday”

  1. Neal Patterson says:

    Famous Barr in Clayton on Forsyth

    1. Jerry says:

      Nailed it.

  2. william sanders says:

    famous barr kingshighway avenue

    1. Jerry says:

      Bingo! That was a Famous Barr, and this is an aerial view of Forsyth Boulevard.

  3. Don Bell says:

    Not sure of year
    Bus is probably Delmar or maybe Forsyth depending on year
    Clayton Famous & Barr is the Building. The circular one across have no idea

    1. Jerry says:

      You’re exactly right, Don – good job!

  4. J. Bharles Binder says:

    That Famous Barr was opened in 1948. Across Forsyth Blvd., on the left, is the Pevely Fountain which was removed, I believe, in the late ’50s.

  5. Gerald Kenner,MD says:

    1946-1947 Clayton HS used the lot which later housed Famous as an athletic field.

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