Fares & Passes

Fare Chart

Metro Fares

Metro Fare Type Mode Current
Cash Base Fare Bus $2.00
Cash Base Fare Rail $2.50
Cash (Reduced Fare)* Bus $1.00
Cash (Reduced Fare)* Rail $1.25
2-Hour Pass/Transfer System $3.00
2-Hour Pass/Transfer (Reduced Fare)* System $1.50
2-Hour Pass (from Lambert Airport) System $4.00
(10) 2-Hour Passes System $30.00
One-Day Adventure Pass System $7.50
Weekly Pass System $27.00
Monthly Pass System $78.00
Monthly Pass (Reduced Fare)* System $39.00
Combo Pass System $98.00
University Semester Pass System $175.00
Metro Call-A-Ride/ADA** CAR $4.00

*Reduced fares require Metro reduced fare permit, and are only available for IL and MO residents 

**For a complete overview of Call-A-Ride pricing, consult the Call-A-Ride web page

Reduced Fare Policy
Seniors (aged 65+), customers with disabilities, and customers who possess a Medicare ID must apply for a valid Reduced Fare Pass with photo I.D. from Metro, Saint Clair County Transit District, or Madison County Transit. To ride for the reduced fare, only a valid Reduced Fare Pass I.D from one of the three agencies will be accepted at the farebox.

Customers living in St. Clair County with questions such as where to obtain a St. Clair County Transit I.D. may call the St. Clair Transit District office at 618-628-8090.

Reduced fare is offered to children from ages 5 through 12 with no pass required. However, proof of age may be requested. Children younger than 5 years of age ride FREE.

Customers with disabilities must present either a Metro Reduced Fare I.D. or Metro ADA Paratransit Permit to ride for the reduced fares.

Note: Reduced fares are only available to residents of Illinois and Missouri.

Metro Combo Pass
The Metro Combo Pass is sold only at the MetroRide Store located in downtown Saint Louis at 7th Street and Washington Avenue. The Metro Combo Pass permits commuter parking at the Clayton Garage. The Metro Combo pass is also accepted for full fare.

Madison County Transfers and Passes
Madison County Transit (MCT) 2-Hour Regional Pass is good for travel on all MetroBus and MetroLink service in Missouri and Illinois until the date and time specified on the pass. On MetroLink, passengers should keep their MCT Regional Pass with them, and on MetroBus, passengers should give their MCT Regional Pass to the operator when boarding. 

Metro does not accept the MCT 2-Hour Zone Pass or the MCT Round Trip Express Pass.

MCT accepts Metro Two-Hour Passes/Transfers for a single trip on an MCT bus without an additional charge. MCT does not accept Metro Two-Hour Passes/Transfers for unlimited use on MCT buses.

MCT Regional Pass and Senior/ADA Free Ride (see below) are the only fare media accepted from Madison County Transit services on MetroBus or MetroLink. The MCT ADA Free Ride ID will continue to be accepted on MetroLink and MetroBus vehicles in Illinois without additional payment. The MCT ADA Free Ride ID will be accepted with a half fare payment on MetroLink and MetroBus vehicles in Missouri. 

Other passes and transfers, including MCT local transfers (green in color), monthly passes, summer youth passes and circuit breaker (CB) passes, are not accepted on any MetroBus or MetroLink service operated by Metro in Missouri or Illinois. 

Please click here for more information on Madison County Transit Fares.

Illinois Transit District Free Ride Passes

Metro accepts valid Madison County Transit (MCT) and St. Clair County Transit (SCCT) Senior Fixed Route Free Ride Passes for free fare on MetroLink and MetroBus in both Illinois and Missouri (Metro is reimbursed for Missouri boardings.)

Metro also accepts MCT and SCCT ADA Paratransit Fixed Route Free Ride Passes for free fare on MetroLink and MetroBus in both Illinois and Missouri. ADA Paratransit-eligible persons are approved by Metro and MCT to use Metro Call-A-Ride, and may also use MetroLink and MetroBus without payment if they present the ADA Paratransit Fixed Route Pass. (Metro is reimbursed for free fares on Missouri MetroBus or MetroLink in Missouri.) 

MCT Circuit Breaker or CB Passes with photo are not accepted on any MetroBus or MetroLink for free fare at any time. SCCT Circuit Breaker or CB Passes are accepted as fare on Illinois MetroBus and on MetroLink in Illinois only. Anyone traveling in Missouri on MetroLink or MetroBus must pay the full cash fare. CB passes are not accepted in Missouri at any time.