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January 18, 2022

$7.5 Million in Enhancements Added to Central West End MetroLink Station

A new elevator and staircase, upgraded lighting and security features, and a new welcome center are part of the $7.5 million enhancements completed at the Central West End Transit Center. This redesign of the busiest light rail station on the MetroLink system began in December 2019 and was funded by Washington University and BJC HealthCare, in collaboration with Metro Transit. The CWE improvement project provides new amenities that help relieve pedestrian congestion, improve safety and visibility, and deliver a more comfortable and convenient public transit experience for Metro Transit riders. The enhancements benefit employees, students, patients and visitors to Washington University School of Medicine, BJC HealthCare facilities and other destinations in the Central West End.

“These enhancements will help us meet our goals of making employees, students, patients and other visitors feel welcome, comfortable and safe when arriving at and leaving the Medical Campus via MetroLink,” said Melissa Hopkins, the medical school’s assistant vice chancellor and assistant dean of operations and facilities. “We were excited to work with BJC HealthCare and Metro Transit to improve the experience of MetroLink riders in the region.”

“Public transit is an essential resource every day for so many who visit our medical center campus,” said Bob Cannon, BJC group president. “Whether it’s a patient, a visitor, a team member or a student, we want their experience to be the best that it can be. BJC was pleased to contribute to improved amenities and safety enhancements at this busy station that provides such an important service for those we welcome onto the campus.”

“One of the important lessons that has come from the COVID-19 pandemic is how critically important it is for doctors, nurses and other essential workers to have safe and reliable transportation, and for area residents to have easy access to medical care,” said Taulby Roach, president and CEO of Bi-State Development. “These improvements to the Central West End MetroLink Station and MetroBus area provide all our riders with a first-class transit experience that is more secure, more convenient and more accessible. I would like to thank Washington University and BJC HealthCare for the leadership, support and funding that made these station enhancements possible.”

Central West End MetroLink Station Enhancement Details

Euclid Avenue Plaza

The west entrance of the Central West End MetroLink Station has been completely redesigned as the new Euclid Avenue Plaza. This unique plaza includes access to the MetroLink platform, new lighting and a welcome center staffed by School of Medicine personnel, making it easier for visitors to ask questions, get assistance and find their destinations at any of the medical facilities in the area. 

New Staircase and Elevator

A new, wider staircase with a center handrail and LED lighting was constructed to connect the platform to Euclid Avenue Plaza, making it easier and safer to accommodate the large number of transit riders who use the station. The project also included a new elevator that was relocated to further alleviate pedestrian congestion, and includes glass panels for improved visibility and security monitoring. The new elevator and staircase contribute to improved mobility, visibility and reliability at the Central West End Station.

Platform Canopy

The previous canopy at the Central West End Station has been replaced by a new canopy that is three times larger, providing passengers better shelter from the elements. The canopy’s attractive glass panels are designed to significantly reduce the effect of harsh sunlight, while also improving platform visibility. This change makes it easier for Metro Public Safety, MetroLink Operations personnel, and security partners to monitor the platform, passenger levels and light rail operations.

Lighting and Other Improvements

Upgraded lighting has been installed throughout the Central West End MetroLink Station along the platform, staircase, the new plaza and at the entrance to the MetroBus area northeast of the station to improve safety and visibility at all hours of the day. In addition, the project also included new signage, landscaping, and an illuminated crosswalk at the entry to the MetroBus area in the adjacent garage. The concrete on the MetroLink platform was rehabilitated and refinished as part of the project.

About Metro Transit

Metro Transit operates the St. Louis region’s public transportation system, which includes 24 battery electric buses and nearly 400 clean-burning diesel buses that serve 59 MetroBus routes in eastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois. Metro also operates MetroLink light rail vehicles on 46 miles of track serving 38 stations in the two-state area, and operates Metro Call‑A‑Ride, a paratransit fleet of 122 vans. Metro Transit is a Bi-State Development enterprise.

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