January 31, 2023

Going Above and Beyond to Provide Next Level Customer Care

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When you choose to take Metro Transit, our team is focused on providing them with a great transit experience. From our operators to Public Safety,  we aim to serve our customers to the best of our abilities. A perfect example of this was seen through the efforts of three Metro Transit team members – Transit Service Manager (TSM) Tamieka Lewis, Transit Service Manager Trina Graham-Walker and ADA Coordinator Amy Parker. Last month they went above and beyond to help a customer in need.

It started when a MetroBus operator reported to dispatch that a customer using a powered wheelchair was stuck on the ramp of the bus with a dying battery. TSM Lewis and TSM Graham-Walker were sent to assist, along with the St. Louis City Fire Department. The firefighters were able to get the customer and their wheelchair onto the bus. The firefighters left, but our TSMs stayed on the bus to make sure everything was OK. Unfortunately, it was not.

When the customer was ready to exit the bus, their wheelchair became stuck again. Instead of waiting for the Fire Department to respond and assist, which would have created delays for other passengers on the bus, TSMs Lewis and Graham-Walker were able to safely get the unpowered wheelchair unstuck and off the bus.

The next part of our customer’s journey required them to crossing the busy intersection at Gravois and Jefferson. Realizing the potential danger of the wheelchair getting stuck in the middle of traffic, our TSMs spoke with the customer and together it was decided to have them return home to fully recharge the wheelchair before traveling further that day. This presented its own challenges, because even though Metro Call-A-Ride was able to help with a ride home, there was still the issue of figuring out how to get a heavy, unpowered electric wheelchair onto the van.

That’s when they contacted ADA Coordinator Amy Parker for assistance. She met with our TSMs at the scene to work on a solution. First, they tried to figure out a way to get the wheelchair charged. TSM Graham-Walker actually went to the customer’s residence to get the power cord and charger to use at a nearby restaurant to charge the wheelchair. Unfortunately, the restaurant was not able to provide an available outlet.

After some more troubleshooting, TSM Graham-Walker figured out how to disengage the chair from its electric motor so it could be operated manually. Metro Call-A-Ride was contacted again and a van was dispatched to return the customer home. Amy stayed with the customer for the entire trip home, helping to move the wheelchair on and off the van.

We would like to highlight team members Tamieka Lewis, Trina Graham-Walker and Amy Parker for showing next level customer care and doing everything in their power to help a customer when they needed it most. Thank you for going above and beyond and representing the best of Metro Transit!

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3 thoughts on “Going Above and Beyond to Provide Next Level Customer Care”

  1. a frustrated rider says:

    With more and more cancelled busses, what if my bus is cancelled and your customer service line is closed? I’ve had to deal with 3 cancelled busses in the past 30 days from the 16 line to the 11 line and had to rideshare home since your customer service was closed.

  2. Sandra L Garrett says:

    Nice,job to Ms. Lewis, Mrs.Graham-Walker & Ms.Amy Parker. All the ladies are awesome and always does an amazing job !!
    Thanks to them all !!

  3. Skyla Pawnell says:

    Nice job ladies

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