February 16, 2022

Met on Metro: Joe & Len

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Photo of Joel and Len smiling in front of a park

In celebration of Valentine’s Day this week, we are sharing the stories of couples who have transit as part of their love story. Today’s Passenger Profile features two lovebirds, Joe and Len. 

December 13, 1979, was a special day for Joe and Len. That morning, they rode a MetroBus from their apartment in South City to downtown St. Louis, and by the time they were taking the bus back home that evening, they were married!

Wedding photo from Joel and LenThis was their plan for the day. Joe would work until 11 a.m. while Len explored the city she just moved to, and then the pair would meet at City Hall to get married.

Their ceremony was simple – it was just them and a preacher in Washington Square Park at the base of the Pierre Laclede statue. After tying the knot, the newlyweds walked over to a phone booth and called a photographer to get a wedding photo done. Soon after, they went to grab lunch at the Maryland Cafeteria in the basement of the Baltimore Hotel.

The couple likes to say, “We had a pretty big wedding reception, but we didn’t know anyone there.”

After lunch, Joe went back to work and Len continued to explore downtown. Once Joel got off work, they took the bus home as a married couple.

Joe and Len’s story didn’t start on Metro. They met at a nine-week training session in Springfield, Missouri while they were both working for the Social Security Administration.

One day during their training session, Len noticed Joe and another colleague jogging and asked if she could join them. After a few runs, Joe started falling for Len, and she noticed he had a knack for making her laugh. By the end of their nine weeks in Springfield, they decided to start dating – which eventually led to that very special bus trip.

That bus trip back in 1979 marked the start of 42 years of marriage. Over those 42 years, Joe and Len have had two daughters along with two grandchildren. They say a key to longevity in any relationship is to, “marry someone you enjoying spending time with, we never run out of things to talk about.”

Joe likes to think his wit and sense of humor plays a role in the couple’s happy relationship, but that’s not all. “Find someone that will always have your back, and make sure you have theirs too.”

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5 thoughts on “Met on Metro: Joe & Len”

  1. FascinatedReader says:

    This is a sweet fascinating article about a wonderful couple. I particularly like Joe and would love to learn more about him. For example, what’s his son in law like ? I bet he is handsome and amazing!!

  2. Reader says:

    What a great story about a wonderful couple. I would love to learn more joe and his son in law. I bet his is so handsome and amazing.

  3. Kewldood75 says:

    I agree – Joe and Len are an inspiration! However, their son-in-law is more than likely some guy who gets his friends to always pay for beer. He might not even have all of his front teeth. This son-in-law is lucky to have Joe and Len as in laws.

  4. A family friend says:

    Joe actually has two sons-in-law. Yes, Tyler is a handsome guy and I guess you could say he is amazing in several ways. He is a very nice young man. Funny and smart. Oh yeah, there is also the other one in Chicago.

  5. GrandBaby says:

    what a great story, i bet the grandchildren are very beautiful and don’t take after the son-in-law at all

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