March 4, 2019

Metro Transit Unveils New Official Mobile App

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Metro Transit today announced Transit as the official real-time information and trip-planning mobile application for the St. Louis region’s public transportation system. Transit, the leading transport app in North America, counts millions of active users in more than 175 cities worldwide, including tens of thousands throughout the St. Louis area.

“We are excited to partner with Transit, and help our riders access smart, user-friendly technology that makes it even easier to use the Metro system,” said Jessica Mefford-Miller, Executive Director of Metro Transit. “With this app, our customers can check real-time information, get the latest service alerts, look up schedules, and plan multimodal trips – all from the palm of their hand.”

With the app, you can check out nearby transit options and departure times, and easily navigate the region, aided by accurate real-time MetroBus tracking, trip planning, and step-by-step navigation with Transit’s GO feature.

Download the app: iPhone | Android

Transit also offers first- and last-mile connections to Metro with its Transit+ feature. For certain trips, Transit will suggest taking an Uber or Lyft part of the way, and connecting with MetroBus or MetroLink service. This first-of-its kind feature allows you to plan, book, and pay for a ride-sharing trip, while getting real-time updates on your connection — all in one app.

Metro joins dozens of agencies that have partnered with Transit, including Boston’s MBTA, Baltimore’s MDOT MTA, Tampa Bay’s PSTA, Silicon Valley’s VTA and Montreal’s STM.

“Partnering with a single app that prioritizes transit makes it clear to riders where they can go for information,” said Jake Sion, Chief Operating Officer of Transit. “We’re excited to work with Metro and to see more people using Transit as part of their daily routine.”

In addition to helping you access a comprehensive, easy-to-use and widely adopted app, through this partnership, Metro will also receive usage data and customizations to better serve you, such as adding the ability to text, call or email Metro customer service from directly within the app.

The “Metro on the Go” app, which was launched in 2015, will be discontinued and no longer supported effective May 2019.


17 thoughts on “Metro Transit Unveils New Official Mobile App”

  1. Cody Chaos says:

    I’ve been using the Transit app for years.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:


  2. David says:

    I just moved to St. Louis. I’ve ridden the Metro a few times to work. What is an alternative app to use? Google Maps? Apple Maps?


    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      David, we obviously recommend using the Transit app as it is the app we will make sure is the most successful. The app includes the most up-to-date data from our system. In addition, this app will receive the latest Rider Alerts associated with your travel (which can then be turned into push notifications). We understand this app may not be for everyone, so yes, feel free to experiment with whatever apps you feel most comfortable. At the end of the day, we want you to navigate our system with ease.

  3. John Romanko says:

    I love the old Transit app. I knew if my missed my bus. I could plan my trips ahead using the route schedules. I download the NEW Transit app and cannot find departures or routes. Just a screen that that is asking me where I am. I can’t find any menus.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      John, I am happy to walk you through the app with you if you’d like. It may be more effective if you reach out to Transit directly. You can email them with your questions at [email protected].

  4. Liam McCou says:

    I love the current on the go app. I use voiceover screenreader to navigate my phone and the simple menu design of the on the go app makes it very easy to work with using voiceover, sad it will be discontinued.

  5. Bob Bliss says:

    “Transit” is OK, but once it decides that you are a Westbound traveler (or Eastbound, or Northbound, or Southbound), it is very difficult to change. So far, for me, it has been IMPOSSIBLE and thus a bit infuriating. This AM I wanted to go west on Route #1 but could only get Eastbound times and the location of Eastbound buses.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      Bob, sorry to hear this. Go ahead and email them and they’ll be able to help you out: [email protected]

  6. I am experiencing the same difficulty with eastbound/westbound. I live west of where I work. The Transit app will only give me eastbound information. Infuriating is a good word.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      Kathy, you’ll need to slide the screen back and forth to get direction info. Reach out to Transit via email, here: [email protected]

  7. Ariz M says:

    @Matthew Hibbard
    Appreciate your responses. It would be great if you could make a video or write a tutorial “how to use this new app to get information that I used to get with the old app”. If I am walking then I could pull out my saved favorites and check the status of the buses to a particular place. This app is more or less like google map, which I never used for metro travels, for it is very generic.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      Ariz, that’s a great suggestion.

  8. Louis Veres says:

    This app is garbage, where are the schedules, the old app was perfect, absolutely no reason to change it.

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      Louis, please reach out to Customer Service and we can walk you through it. 314-231-2345

  9. Mike says:

    Can this app be used to as a purchased Metro pass or is it for wayfinding and transit information only?

    1. Matthew Hibbard says:

      Transit information only

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