June 10, 2022

MetroLink Update: Secure Platform Plan

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A MetroLink train approaches the Shewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 station. the operator can be seen through the windshield.

The Secure Platform Plan (SPP) is part of a multi-tiered plan to grow ridership on the Metro Transit system by creating a more secure transit environment. This state-of-the-art security plan will also greatly enhance customer convenience, and the transit experience, by creating centralized, highly secure customer entrances at all 38 MetroLink stations.


Each station will include:

  • Fare collection gates
  • New ticket/fare purchasing system with expanded mobile and payment solutions
  • Card readers and ticket vending machines
  • Passenger Assist Telephones
  • Facial recognition capabilities
  • Additional fencing
  • State-of-the-art security cameras monitored from a real-time camera center
A conceptual rendering of the Secure Platform Plan showing the Central West End Station with a controlled access system. This may not reflect the final design of the Secure Platform Plan.
This is a conceptual rendering and may not reflect the final design of the Secure Platform Plan. Metro Transit is currently in the process of contracting for project design services.


Once started, the construction portion of the project is expected to take 24 to 30 months to complete. We are in the process of contracting the services of an engineering firm for the SPP final design. The project includes 68 entrance gates and 81 exit gates. New safety infrastructure around the tracks, stations and platforms, plus the installation of fully monitored cameras, will help create a more secure environment across the 46-mile system and strengthen the safety and security program Metro Transit and its partners have been implementing over the last two years.


The total estimated cost is $52 million:

  • $17.25 million | BSD capital and American Recovery Plan funds
  • $12 million | Bond refinancing proceeds dedicated to security
  • $12 million | Illinois allocation (federal stimulus)
  • $10.75 million | Private sector funding

More Information

The Secure Platform Plan (SPP) goes beyond the safety and security recommendations already implemented in the last few years and recognizes the call by area residents and elected officials for a more secure transit system. It signals that we are committed to rebuilding ridership and regaining the region’s confidence in this important regional asset.

SPP has received support and endorsement from each primary elected official in our three funding jurisdictions (St. Louis County and St. Louis City in Missouri, and St. Clair County in Illinois). SPP received approval from the Bi-State Development Board of Commissioners, as well as unprecedented financial support from the private sector.

This rare investment of private sector funding in our transit system emphasizes the importance of this project and reinforces how essential public transit is to the future success of our region.

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12 thoughts on “MetroLink Update: Secure Platform Plan”

  1. kas says:

    Security upgrades, but Metro is giving free passes to young people. Hopefully these aren’t the same troublemakers that riders fear.

  2. steven siegerist says:

    Are there going to be public meetings during the planning process for comments from the riders? Some have seen fare collection systems elsewhere and may have suggestions.

  3. MS says:

    Spend the money on expanding the system or making the system free for everyone to hard instead of providing more hurdles to ridership.

  4. Deborah Schneider says:

    Hope all plans go as planned good fhr the future protection of our public thank you Metrolink

  5. Tyler says:

    How do you sign up for the free passes? Very interested in using the metro services and dumping the pump. 6187670961

  6. Linda P says:

    These are the transit reloadavle cards I have:
    Clipper – SF Bay area
    Ventra – Chicago
    Oyster – London

  7. Chris says:

    Will there be a public meeting? Some of those gates seem impractical for handicap, bicyclist and parents with small children.

  8. Monica says:

    About time! I quit using Metro Link because of all the incidents. It’s too easy to board a train or get onto a platform without a ticket and cause problems. I’ve been to Washington DC several times and always use their Metro system. You have to have a ticket or pass to get onto the platform. They don’t seem to have the problems, robberies, muggings, shootings, etc. we hear about here in St. Louis.

  9. Regina Tyndall says:


    Please incorporate a firearm alert/alarm into this new system.

  10. Steven says:

    These don’t increase security. Your transit security should be armed and ready to detain at any given time, there should be one on every platform and one on every train car and bus. Alternatively, you could ditch the fascist “no weapons” policy that only affects law abiding citizens anyways the simple act of criminals knowing anyone could be armed is sometimes enough to deter crime. As someone that has actually worked security and not a fruity little company like allied I know allowing good people to carry deters crime.

  11. Daniel Humphrey says:

    I am in full support of this! The gates seem to work well in Chicago and DC. I hope it will be successful enough for STL to consider expanding the lines towards the north and south. If there is any way for St Louisans to help out, please let me know!

  12. Patrick Douglas Richmond says:

    The security upgrade is well needed. But why some of the childish remarks? Yes the world of reality is littered with shootings, and greedy corporations. Young people getting free passes? How can that be? Sounds more like rubbish to me. The fare gates seen in the picture is very high. It looks like the ones seen at the zoo. How can anyone jump 10 those 8-10 foot tall gates? That only happens in children’s story books. Not in real life. I know I may sound pretty mean, but it is time that we act like adults about this issue.

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