April 28, 2021

Team Member Spotlight: Nicholas

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MetroBus Operator Nick standing in front of a bus, smilingOur MetroLink, MetroBus and Metro Call-A-Ride Operators are our heroes, getting our riders to where they need to go every day safely. But earlier this month, MetroBus Operator Nicholas (Nick) went above and beyond to help a child in need.

He was driving the #8 Alta Sita route in East St. Louis, Illinois, when he noticed something unusual — there was a toddler sitting in the field all alone, near a gated subdivision. Remembering his training, Nick immediately stopped his bus, ran over and picked up the young child. He asked the boy if he wanted to ride with him and the child smiled. He wrapped his coat around the toddler and hit the panic button on the bus, which alerted Bus Dispatch. He explained the situation and Bus Dispatch called the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department. While Nick waited for deputies to arrive, he gave the child some bottled water and chips from the lunch he had packed. A deputy arrived shortly and wrapped the toddler in a blanket, and placed him in his patrol car.

“It was heart breaking to see that child all alone. I have a daughter who is a little bit older than this child. The bus is a safe haven. I am not a hero. I was just doing what I thought was the right thing to do.”

Nick has been working for Metro Transit for five years, and you can find him on many of the routes on the Illinois side of the river. As one of our extra board operators, he has the ability to work on special assignments, or act as coverage on many service areas. He loves driving the bus, and appreciates all the effort that goes into our training program so he can be ready for anything on his route.

“Each day is a new beginning and it’s a great experience. You get to meet different people and enjoy the weather, even the snow. It can’t get any better than that.”

Prior to joining Metro Transit, Nick worked for six years in the Maintenance Department at the East St. Louis Housing Authority. Nick is an outdoorsman and likes to go fishing, to the movies, traveling and working on muscle cars. He also enjoys spending time with his three children.

Our team members work hard to keep our region moving every single day. From operators to customer service, maintenance to mechanics, and operations to public safety, we bring the best of the best together to bring progress, collaboration and innovation to our communities. When you’re out riding with us, make sure to pause and thank our team members for what they do. We could not move the region without them. Thank you, Nick!

8 thoughts on “Team Member Spotlight: Nicholas”

  1. Roshonda bowens says:

    Nick I’m glad you got the little boy on the bus and warm,he will remember you that’s you save him,thanks God he is okay

  2. James L. Farley L.F.D. says:

    Nick, thank you , it seems God put you in the right place at the right time, you may not think of yourself as a hero , but trust me my friend you really are, so many these days would have just driven on. May God bless you and your family. Again my wife and I thank you from Ky.

  3. Sheryl Hancock says:

    Nick, as a former Metro driver, I say job well done. As a minister I say well done thy good and faithful servant. You will always be a hero to that young child and their family. I know your children are very proud of their Dad. Wish there were more people like you who get involved. God bless you and your family. Much love, my brother.

  4. Ted H. says:

    Stories as this make me proud to have served in transportation for thirty years. As you can imagine i have many similar stories, such as serving during and after CA earthquakes. Congratulations! In between point A and point B we serve communities in many ways.



  6. Sue Jones says:

    Did they find the parents of the child?How long was the child out there? I hope the parents rewarded him well! Would like to see a follow up with this story.

    1. Lindsey says:

      The toddler was reunited with his mother. Here is a link to more of the story: https://fox2now.com/news/metro-bus-driver-credited-with-saving-toddler-found-in-just-a-diaper/

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