May 1, 2024

The Perfect Pair: Bikes and Transit

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May is National Bike Month, and there’s no better time to explore the connection between biking and public transit. Combining Metro Transit with your bicycle can transform your commute by extending the reach of transit to connect to more destinations, reducing your environmental impact, and contributing positively to your health and well-being.

This National Bike Month, we invite you to explore how Metro Transit can complement your biking routine and make your trips more enjoyable and efficient. We encourage you to leverage this winning combination beyond work or school trips to enjoy local events and community gatherings. Here’s a look at some of the bike-friendly events happening around the region that are effortlessly accessible with a quick bike and Metro ride:

Twilight Thursdays at the Missouri History Museum: Every Thursday May 2-23

Kick off your Thursday evenings being immersed in a variety of musical entertainment. A simple bike ride to catch the #90 Hampton or to your nearest MetroLink station for a short trip to Forest Park-DeBaliviere Station can drop you at the heart of this event.

Cinco De Mayo Festival on Cherokee Street: May 5

Ready for a lively and colorful celebration of Cinco de Mayo? Combine your bike with convenient transit options, including the #8 Shaw-Cherokee and #10 Gravois-Lindell, and , and you’re just a ride away from Cherokee Street to experience authentic cuisine, music, and festivities.

National Bike to Work Day: May 17

By choosing to bike to your nearest MetroLink station or MetroBus stop, you’re opting in for a mode of travel that’s kind to our planet, gentle on your wallet, and beneficial for your health.

Taste of Maplewood: May 17

Indulge in the local flavors and delights that Maplewood has to offer. Your bike and MetroLink combo at the Maplewood-Manchester Station, or on the #57 Manchester bus, puts you right in the mix of this food festival, making for a perfect day out.

African Arts Festival in Forest Park: May 25-27

Celebrate the rich artistic heritage of the African continent. Grab your bike and allow us to guide you to a day filled with vibrant music, stunning art, and a diverse cultural experience. Bring your bike on the #90 Hampton or on MetroLink to the Forest Park-DeBaliviere Station.

Whether you’re biking to improve your health, seeking to reduce your commuting stress, or aiming to lessen your environmental impact, remember that Metro Transit is here to support your journey every pedal of the way. Click here to learn how easy it is to bring your bike with you on MetroBus or MetroLink.

Happy biking, and see you on the Metro!

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