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What is Metro Links2Life?

Links2Life is about YOU. Getting you to the places you need and want to go. It’s about linking you to important things like work, healthcare or education. It’s about linking you to the fun things around town like shopping, entertainment or the ball game. It’s about how Metro St. Louis is YOUR link to a more full life.

When you hop onto Metro, you’ll be connected to all the excitement that St. Louis has to offer. There is an incredible array of activities and events going on every day, and Metro wants to make sure you don’t miss any of the fun. Whether you need to be linked to the ball game, a museum or Forest Park, Metro is your easy and convenient link to it all. Look at the list below and get hopping.

Things To Do, All Summer Long – View our calendar of upcoming events– Metro will get you there!

Link Markets – An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Enjoy Good Food

Links 2 Health – Fast and Free Health Screenings

Metro | Link Market

In today’s fast-paced world, it isn’t always easy to stop for groceries or pick up a few ingredients on the way home for dinner. Now, Metro riders have a quick and convenient resource to fill up their pantry with fresh, healthy food.

The new Link Market food kiosks, located at the North Hanley and Wellston Transit Centers, offer transit riders the chance to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, milk, meat and other healthy household staples at great prices.

The Link Market food kiosk pilot program is the result of a partnership with the Bi-State Development Research Institute, a non-profit enterprise of Bi-State Development, and the Missouri Foundation for Health, which is funding the 18-month pilot program.

The Link Market is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the North Hanley and Wellston Transit Centers. Cash, credit and EBT payments are accepted.

As part of the program, nutritionists at the University of Missouri Extension will provide education sessions at the Wellston and North Hanley Transit Centers to promote healthy eating. Visitors can enjoy cooking demonstrations, ask questions and learn more about the importance of proper nutrition and how to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diets while on a budget.

Upcoming Cooking Demonstrations

June 6 || 2 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. || North Hanley Transit Center
Featured Recipe: Apple and Spinach Salad

June 21 || 2 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. || Wellston Transit Center
Featured Recipe: Apple and Spinach Salad

June 27 || 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. || North Hanley Transit Center
Featured Recipe: Fruit Smoothie

June 28 || 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. || Wellston Transit Center
Featured Recipe: Fruit Smoothie

Recipes from past demonstrations, include:

  Sweet Potato Fritters

  Southwest Black Bean and Corn Salad

  Breakfast Vegetable Hash

  Stir Fry

  Vegetable Hash

  Fruit Smoothies


Links 2 Health – Fast and Free Health Screenings

Metro Transit | Links 2 HealthThe new Links 2 Health mobile health screening vehicle makes it easy – and free – for everyone to take the first step toward a long and healthy life.

The 18-month pilot program will provide adults 18 years of age and older with health screenings, such as blood pressure and diabetes testing, as well as other health assessments, all free of charge. No insurance, copay or payment is needed. Everyone who gets a screening will also be eligible for assistance in applying for health insurance, and will have follow-up primary care set up for them with transit-accessible healthcare providers.

The Bi-State Development Research Institute received a Rides to Wellness Demonstration and Innovative Coordinated Access and Mobility Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration of nearly $1 million dollars for the pilot program, in partnership with the St. Louis County Department of Public Health.

Stop by the Links 2 Health mobile screening vehicle at any of these transit locations:

Links 2 Health Mobile Health Screening Vehicle

  • Free basic health screenings
  • Set up follow-up care
  • Walk-up service available 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


No matter the event, Metro gives you easy and direct service to all of your favorite summer destinations. The list below is only the beginning of the endless possibilities that Metro can provide.


  • May 17 – Cards v Phillies (Busch Stadium) |  MetroLink
  • May 18 – Fest-of-Ale (Missouri Botanical Garden) |  14/8/80
  • May 19 – Gateway Wine Fest St. Louis (Tower Grove Park) |  8/30/70/95/80
  • May 20 – The Muny 100th Birthday Bash (The Muny) |  3
  • May 20 – Annie Malone May Day Parade (Downtown St. Louis) |  MetroLink
  • May 21 – James Taylor (Scottrade Center) |  MetroLink
  • May 21-23 Cards v Royals (Busch Stadium) |  MetroLink
  • May 24 – Kiener Cocktails Happy Hour (Kiener Plaza) |  MetroLink
  • May 26 – St. Louis Fairy Tale Ball (Marriott St. Louis Airport) |  49/66
  • May 26 – The Shag’s Open Air Market (The Green Shag Market) |  31
  • May 26-28 – St. Louis African Arts Festival (World’s Fair Pavilion-Forest Park) |  3
  • May 26-27 – Schlafly Art Outside (Schlafly Bottleworks) |  16/31
  • May 31-Jun3 – Cards v Pirates (Busch Stadium) |  MetroLink
  • May 31-Jun 24 – Shakespeare Festival St Louis (Forest Park) |   3


  • Jun 5-7 – Cards v Marlins (Busch Stadium) |  MetroLink
  • Jun 6 – New Found Glory Concert (The Pageant) |  MetroLink/2/16/91/97
  • Jun 11-13 – Cards v Padres (Busch Stadium) |  MetroLink
  • Jun 11-17 – Jerome Robbins’ Broadway (The Muny) |   3
  • Jun 13 – Shania Twain Concert (Scottrade Center) | MetroLink
  • Jun 15 – Music of Elton John & More (Powell Symphony Hall in Grand Center) |  97/70
  • Jun 16 – Taste of Downtown STL (Kiener Plaza) |  MetroLink
  • Jun 19-25 – The Wiz (The Muny) |   3
  • Jun 22-24 – PrideFest 2018 (Soldiers Memorial) |  MetroLink
  • Jun 25-27 – Cards v Indians (Busch) |  MetroLink
  • Jun 27-Jul 3 – Singin’ in the Rain (The Muny in Forest Park) | 3
  • Jun 28 – Kiener Cocktails Happy Hour (Kiener Plaza) |  MetroLink
  • Jun 29-Jul 1 – Cards v Braves (Busch Stadium) |  MetroLink


  • Jul 4,6,7 – Fair Saint Louis: Independence Day Celebration (Gateway Arch Grounds) |  MetroLink
  • Jul 9-16 – Jersey Boys (The Muny) |   3
  • Jul 13 – Sauce Food Truck Friday (Tower Grove Park) |  8/30/70/95/80
  • Jul 13 – Let Them Eat Art (Historic Downtown Maplewood) |  31
  • Jul 14 – 2018 St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival (Grand Basin in Forest Park) |   3
  • Jul 18-25 – Annie (The Muny) |   3
  • Jul 13-15 – Cards v Reds (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink
  • Jul 21 – Kenny Chesney Concert (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink
  • Jul 27 – Cards vs Cubs (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink
  • Jul 27-Aug 2 – Gypsy (The Muny) |  3
  • Jul 31 – Cards vs Rockies (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink


  • Aug 4 – 12 – Meet me in St. Louis (The Muny) |   3
  • Aug 6-12 – 100th PGA Championship (Bellerive Country Club) |  N/A
  • Aug 10 – 7th Annual Sauce Food Truck Friday (Tower Grove Park) |  8/30/70/95/80
  • Aug 13 – Cards vs Nationals (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink
  • Aug 17-19 – Cards vs Brewers (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink
  • Aug 24 – Journey and Def Leppard (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink
  • Aug 25-26 – Festival of Nations (Tower Grove Park) |  8/30/70/95/80
  • Aug 25 – Luke Bryan and Sam Hunt (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink
  • Aug 28 – Cards vs Pirates (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink
  • Aug 31-Sept 2 – Cards vs Reds (Busch Stadium) |   MetroLink


  • Sept 1-3 – Japanese Festival (Missouri Botanical Garden) |  14/8/80
  • Sept 1-2 – Big Muddy Blues Festival (Laclede’s Landing) |   MetroLink
  • Sept 7-9 – Saint Louis Art Festival (Clayton Business District) |   MetroLink
  • Sept 8-9 – LouFest Music Festival (Forest Park) |   3
  • Sept 14-15 – Great Forest Park Balloon Race (Forest Park) |   3
  • Sept 14-16 – Taste of St. Louis (Chesterfield Amphitheater) |  91/258
  • Sept 29-Oct 1 – Q in the Lou (Kiener Plaza.) |  MetroLink

Things To Do, All Year Long

Explore the wonders of the Garden of Glass at the Missouri Botanical Gardens — Get there on the #8 Bates-Morganford

Catch a Cardinals game in person at Busch Stadium or watch at Ballpark Village — Take the #40 Broadway

Step back in time at the Old Courthouse — Hop on the #99 Downtown Trolley

Catch a show at Tivoli Theater — Get there on the #97 Delmar

Take a free workout class every Thursday morning at Kiener Plaza every Thursday

Enjoy the St Louis Zoo Jungle Boogie Concert Series every Friday during starting May 25 and running until Aug 31

Visit the Missouri Botanical Garden every Wednesday until July 25 and experience the Whitaker Music Festival until July 25

Take a tour of one of the numerous breweries that St. Louis has to offer

Find your inner child at the City Museum and the Magic House