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October 24, 2019

Metro Transit Expands MetroLink Access Project

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Metro Transit is nearing completion of a MetroLink pilot project that will change how you access platforms at the Delmar Loop and Central West End MetroLink Stations.

The MetroLink Access Project was launched in September 2018 to evaluate how changing the way passengers access MetroLink would impact safety and the overall customer experience. This year, the project was expanded to install new infrastructure at the Delmar Loop and Central West End MetroLink Stations.

“The feedback we have received from customers, our professional law enforcement partners and our Public Safety team has been overwhelmingly positive since we launched the pilot program last fall,” said Taulby Roach, Bi-State Development President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are building on that success by expanding the program to two of the system’s most popular stations — the Delmar Loop and Central West End Stations.”

Due to the MetroLink Access Project, the Hodiamont entrance to the platform of the Delmar Loop MetroLink Station, will close effective Friday, November 1.

“This project is one of the ways we are making changes to the physical design of the transit system to make it safer and more comfortable for our riders,” said Stephen Berry, General Manager of Public Safety for Metro Transit. “By adding new infrastructure and customer amenities to our stations, we can create a better transit experience for our customers and build stronger connections with the surrounding community.”

Metro Transit implemented the pilot project last year at the North Hanley, Forest Park-DeBaliviere and Fairview Heights MetroLink Stations.


5 thoughts on “Metro Transit Expands MetroLink Access Project”

  1. Ke'Yanna says:

    This is in NO WAY helping the community out. It seems more like a way to keep POC away from the “most popular” stations. Even if that ISNT the case closing this entrance will make travelling by foot/Metro in the area more difficult and longer than it needs to be for everyone. This is likely costing more money and noone even asked for it. This closure is a MAJOR INCONVENIENCE. But you won’t realize that until you walk yourself.

  2. Barbara Jordan says:

    This not helping nobody! Longer walk and detour is what it is. Whoever made this up was only doing it for the money. NOT LOOKING OUT FOR THE COMMUNITY! Please stop acting like you all are trying to help. Because this not it.

  3. Earl Higgins says:

    I’m not normally a rabble-rouser, but why? I haven’t seen any IMPROVEMENTS mentioned. All I have seen is “we are closing the entrance that black people use”. Please tell me I’m wrong.

  4. Jerry says:

    Thank you to everyone for your feedback – we know that these changes to the Delmar Loop Station may inconvenience some of our passengers. But the focus of these modifications is to improve the safety and experience for all of the riders who use the station. Creating more secure and better monitored access supports stronger fare enforcement and allows us to better match public safety resources to the needs of the transit system. Moving forward, we will continue to closely monitor operations at the Delmar Loop Station and see if there are any changes needed to improve service for our customers.

  5. Wyatt Herlache says:

    Once people get used to the “new”, I feel like more people will be happy. It takes awhile for people to adjust to change. Thank you for sharing this article to explain what was happening and why. We appreciate it!

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